• 15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    In the world there are hundreds of painful topics that you need to regularly attract the attention of society in order to find a solution to complex issues. Child labor, plastic pollution of the ocean, homeless animals, lonely elderly people – these and other problems respond in a special way to the soul thanks to advertising campaigns that expose emotions and strike directly at the target.

    Happy Worthy Life proud of marketers who are finding new ways to focus on issues that should never be forgotten.

    “Present your baby’s old clothes to the mothers who need it”

    “They also need a house.”

    “5.5 million animals are illegally sold annually.”

    “One cigarette butt pollution about 500 liters of water”

    The concept of packing pads, which urges you not to be shy and not to hide your period

    “Do not be shy. These are the basics of biology. Do not hide it. It’s just a period. ”

    Advertising calling to take a pet from the street or from the shelter

    “One dog, different owners.”

    “One cat, different owners.”

    The loneliness and social exclusion of older people are becoming a global problem. “No one should be left alone”

    “Brushes teeth, pollutes the ocean”

    “More than 500 microplastic ingredients are used in cosmetics and personalcare products. The ocean is a natural beauty. Stop using microplastics. ”

    Advertising calling for restricting the use of firecrackers to children

    15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    “Nobody celebrates with a weapons. Please do not allow your children do it either. ”

    Illegal deforestation in Kenya destroys not only flora but also fauna. Advertising calls for the use of coal only from trusted manufacturers

    15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    “New York or Paris?”

    15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    Large cities suffer most from air pollution, making them hard to recognize.

    “Do not go to social networks when you are driving, so as not to break the heart of your loved ones”

    “Leave your footprint. Save a bear with only € 0.13 per day »

    15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    A pedestrian crossing can be as dangerous as a staircase, if you do not be careful

    15 Examples of Powerful Social Advertising That Can Reach Everyone

    Child labor shortens childhood

    And for what social problems nowadays are there not enough powerful advertising campaigns in your opinion?

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  • 15 Secrets Advertising you Never Know – Behind the Scenes

    We have long learned how to separate the grain from the chaff and not believe in verbal advertising promises. However, visual images continue to work as they should: seeing a freshly prepared hamburger on the screen, we feel hungry, steam from a coffee mug makes us imagine the coffee aroma, and the girl’s chic hair from shampoo ads envy.

    We at Happy Worthy Life collected the most popular advertising tricks that even inveterate skeptics believe.

    Conscientious fast food chains shoot real burgers in commercials, but …

    They are different from what we can get in a restaurant. They are simply correctly “collected”. “Big Mac” for the McDonald’s photo shoot is prepared directly in the studio from the same products as a regular sandwich in an institution. The secret is that the ingredients are laid out so that all of them are visible. For this, the buns are moved a little back. If necessary, add ketchup and melt the corners of the cheese.

    Food stylist Mary Valentine argues that using inedible substances for promotional food photos is an outdated and unethical practice. More and more people are inclined to demand that their dish look the same as in the picture.

    Unfinished products are used for fast food photos.

    Food stylist Ellie Stern says she prefers to use uncooked meatballs in hamburger ads. So they look more magnificent.

    Coffee foam is made using an aquarium filter

    Surely many have heard that advertising foam is made from inedible things – detergent for dishes or washing powder. It is not known how popular this practice is, but for videos in which the actor has to take a sip of coffee, this is clearly not suitable.

    In such cases, the foam is made using instant coffee, an edible foaming agent and an aquarium filter. Then, using a syringe, the excess bubbles burst or combine with each other. Painstaking work!

    Tea is tinted with food coloring and brewed in alcohol

    Dry tea is placed in boiling water and food color of saturated red-brown tones is added there. Then the tea leaves are dried with a hairdryer and again placed in liquid, only this time not in water, but in alcohol. In it, tea leaves get rid of dye faster, which creates a brewing effect. A beautiful whirlwind dance in a teapot or glass is done using a special propeller at the bottom of the dishes.

    The water in the pan doesn’t really boil

    If in the advertising of quick soups, noodles or pasta they used real boiling water, the camera would be fogged up. It may take a lot of takes, and the water boils away, in addition there is a danger of burns. Therefore, “boiling” water in an advertisement is created using a compressor, which pumps air through it through tubes connected to the bottom of the pan.

    The steam from the food plate is done using a smoke machine

    The plate is cut off the bottom. Then, what is left of it is placed on a plastic “pedestal” with holes, inside which there is a smoke machine. Inside the plate is laid out food. Smoke is fed remotely, and its amount can be adjusted.

    Do not put meat in dumplings for ads

    Minced meat shines through the dough, giving the dumplings an unattractive greenish hue, so instead of meat, an inedible substance is put there , which is tinted with iodine or solid oil.

    To make the bottle appear foggy, spray it with deodorant

    Using a spray with glycerin add “condensate”. Artificial ice is also sometimes used. To remove the effective opening of the bottle, it is fixed on a tripod, since for close-up it should be motionless. If the double was unsuccessful – it’s okay, the lid will be returned to its place using the bottle capper.

    In beer advertising, it’s usually important to show foam. Given the trend towards naturalness, they try not to put chemicals in beer, but whip the foam with a pinch of salt and a cocktail mixer or a regular spoon.

    Special robots help to shoot commercials

    15 Secrets Advertising you Never Know - Behind the Scenes

    They know how to pour drinks.

    It is beautiful to collect sandwiches and desserts.

    Effectively spray mustard, ketchup, milk and other liquids.

    And also spray paint and much more.

    In shampoo ads, a beautiful hair movement is created using a chroma key and a person in a green leotard

    With special sticks, they lift the hair of the model, and with the help of a hoop they create the effect of springy hair when walking.

    Long hair is often fake.

    Beautiful long hair in advertisements is most likely artificial. A common trick is to show the girl who is lying with her shiny curls flowing. But usually they do not belong to her. Also, we will never achieve such a glossy shine as the girls from shampoo ads, because the point is not in it at all, but in the proper lighting and mirrors.

    To create a volume that hair washed with an advertised shampoo will certainly gain, balls of foam are attached under the hair.

    To the cat ran in the right direction, use its carrying

    Forcing a cat to execute commands is an almost impossible task. More often resort to tricks. For example, in order for a cat to run in the right direction (towards a bowl with food), they put its carrying behind a bowl . The cat sees a safe place – “house” – and runs to him.

    Blackbird stunt car is used in car advertising, and the exterior and interior are finished on a computer

    With the help of computer settings, the Blackbird car can be given any technical specifications. The wheelbase can be made shorter or longer, increase or decrease the clearance, put the wheels of almost any diameter.

    Girls lying in the bath stay dry

    Filming a commercial can take several hours. If the actress is stripped and put in a real bath, she will freeze. In addition, steamed skin will not look so attractive, and the camera will fog up from steam. Therefore , there is no water in the bath.

    The actress exposes only the shoulders, everything else is hermetically sealed in plastic film. Something soft is laid in the bath, and the girl is covered with a white cloth on top. After that, the bathtub is filled with foam using the same machine used at foam parties.

    Do you think the use of such tricks is justified in advertising, which are designed to evoke the necessary emotions in us, the audience, or is the trend towards naturalness closer to you? Where is the line that cannot be crossed, creating a visual image of a product?

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  • 17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    The creators of advertising understand that they have only a few seconds to capture our attention. That is why they are trying to invest in every campaign all the talent, originality and dexterity that they have. When everything works out, we have the opportunity to admire the real masterpieces of advertising.

    In the new selection from Happy Worthy Life, just such examples of the work of masters of their profession are waiting for you.

    1. McDonald’s: “That’s what I love”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    2. Tele2: “We make small business stronger”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    3. Focus Optics Store: “Focus on the sensations”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    4. Continental Tires: “Weather Forecast: Safety”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    5. Coca-Cola: “Try the Feelings”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    6. iPack: “Smart Packaging”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    7. The campaign against ageism

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    “Courage never gets old”, “Creativity never gets old.”

    8. WWF: “A small gift for a big deal. Gazelles became extinct in Georgia in the 60s of the last century. But thanks to donations to the recovery program, the 5th generation of these animals has already been born. ”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    9. Sofia International Literary Festival: “A language that helps them gain a voice. Literature in French. Revolution on 5 continents ”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    10. Ford: “As long as you see it, it’s not too late. Ford Ranger – 2020 with autonomous emergency braking when recognizing a pedestrian »

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    11. Advertising fabric softener

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    12. Transavia Flights at Low Prices: “A Gift for Christmas after Christmas”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    13. Chupa Chups: “Happy Valentine’s Day”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    14. Advertising for special food for animals: “Pregnant cows are more fragile than you think”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    15. Farnham: “A bit bitter”

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    16. Mania: “Summer took us by surprise. Sale of the summer collection in February »

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    17. McCafé

    17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

    What original advertising have you seen lately?

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  • 20 Examples Of Advertising That Fall In Love at First Sight

    Advertising has long been not just a story about a product or service. No wonder “The Night of the Ad Eaters” – a movie show consisting of showing small clips – gathers more and more fans around the world. And although we have written more than once on this topic, marketers do not cease to please us with yet another example of their irrepressible imagination and creativity.

    We at Happy Worthy Life might have missed something, so send us your examples.

    The advertising board of the Iceline kitchen knives, which rusted a month later – the outline of a knife appeared on it

    Premier paper towels soak up liquid

    Gweleo optics ad: “If glasses are needed right now”

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © gweleo  

    BIC Correction Fluid: Do It Right!

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © BIC  

    And again, the ad corrector, but the company Papermate

    Norton Construction Company: “The fate of your rented apartment is not in your hands”

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © Norton  

    Diomedia Photobank in collaboration with National Geographic: “There are many terrible pictures of animals. Only the best are here. ”

    Enova Energy Company: “Get to know solar energy and you fall in love with your electricity bill”

    Lego: “So the creator is born”

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © lego  

    Furniture manufacturer Colineal: “Your favorite comfortable chair at the end of the day can work wonders”

    Evdefitness Sports Online Store: “The most economical, fun, and fastest way to stay fit without leaving your home”

    Creative from the wine delivery service

    “In case of an accident, bring cheese and crackers. Lots of cheese and crackers. ”

    Purina ProPlan food: “For professional dogs!”

    Fashionable men’s magazine Garage: “It is laid by nature”

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © garage  

    “Female”. “Male”.

    Hasbro Playskool Toys Celebrate 60 Years: “The Strongest Couple in the World”

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © hasbro  

    AXA Insurance Company Knows How to Keep Your Works of Art

    Staedtler Pencils: “How It All Starts”

    Kor Crossfit Gym: “What makes you move?”

    Renault warns: “They are the same until one settles the problem. Always choose original spare parts »

    20 Examples Of Advertising  That Fall In Love at First Sight
    © Renault  

    Nescafe: Instant Espresso!

    And whose creativity has pleased you the most?

  • 13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

    According to statistics, people spend 90 thousand hours at work, or a third of their lives. Of course, we all work for money, but moral satisfaction, a good team, comfortable conditions and just the human attitude of the authorities are just as important. In order not to spend your precious third of life on toxic work, it is important to figure out an unscrupulous enterprise at the interview stage.

    We at Happy Worthy Life carefully studied the tactics of HR officers and tell you in which case you need to run away from the interview without looking back.

    1. Obtrusive advertise a place of work

    An unscrupulous recruiter promises you an unbelievably high salary, but at the same time avoids any specifics. For example, the direct question “How are vacation pay paid?” The personnel officer replies, “These are decent amounts, we definitely won’t offend you.”

    The second alarming sign – eychar strongly advises you to fill out a questionnaire right now and immediately give an answer so as not to miss a brilliant chance. Perhaps the personnel officer is trying to fulfill his hiring plan or simply no one wants to go to this enterprise.

    2. Response to the resume

    A conscientious company will not make you wait – a letter will come in response to the resume, which will describe in detail the process of processing the request. And after the interview, the results are reported quickly and do not drag for months.

    It does not hurt to analyze the tone of the invitation to an interview: is it really inviting or does it sound like a subpoena? Do personnel agree to adjust to your schedule and, if you come from another city, pay for the trip? All these little things even before hiring help to understand how much the company appreciates its employees.

    3. The interview ends too quickly

    13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview
    © Sebastian Herrmann / Unsplash   © Amy Hirschi / Unsplash  

    Probably everyone dreams of being hired to work without unnecessary ceremonies. However, the fact that your interview lasts 5-10 minutes is not good. Either they have already taken someone to this place and are talking with you for a pro forma, or the place is so terrible that the personnel officers are glad that you even came.

    On the other hand, there are organizations that conduct multi-hour step-by-step interviews, exhausting the soul. Usually these are very bureaucratic structures where you have to fill in a lot of unnecessary documents.

    4. Invite to an interview in an atypical place

    Sometimes personnel officers look for a candidate for the position of a person who has not even been fired yet. You may be offered to be interviewed in a cafe, for a walk or outside school hours (on weekends, early in the morning).

    Experienced headhunters do not recommend accepting such offers for 3 reasons. Firstly, your future colleagues will look at you as a person who stuck a knife into the back of an unsuspecting employee (although you never saw him in your eyes). Secondly, you miss the opportunity to evaluate the atmosphere in the office. And finally, thirdly, where is the certainty that they will not do the same to you?

    5. The boss’s behavior raises big questions

    13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

    Boss with lordly manners – grief in the office. If your future boss behaves like a medieval feudal lord (chasing employees for coffee, comes up with derogatory nicknames, introduces an illogical reward system), then your salary will completely depend on his mood.

    A few words about penalties for behavior. In modern enterprises, monetary penalties are unacceptable – in the end, you are not a six-year-old, who needs to be put in a corner.

    6. A huge queue lined up for an interview

    If a dozen or more candidates are crammed into the interview room, things are amiss. This means that the company is experiencing personnel problems. It is unlikely that you will like the place where people run sparkling with their heels.

    The second possible option is fraudulent schemes. Networkers who sell grandmothers another miraculous appliance or cosmetics, convene several dozen people at a time for an interview in the hope that someone from those who come will be interested in a vacancy.

    7. The personnel officer asks intimate questions

    13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

    A professional personnel officer will never go into the personal life of the applicant. Questions about the planned pregnancy, finances, health status, sexual orientation and religious affiliation are strict taboos. In some countries, the law even prohibits interest in the age of the future employee in order to avoid discrimination.

    Unfortunately, such inappropriate interview questions are still not uncommon. Experienced say that you may not answer such a question at all or say something like “This does not affect my performance in any way” / “I am used to sharing work and personal life.”

    8. There are trigger words in the ad

    “The shortest interview in my life:

    • How do you feel about processing?
    • I am quite normal. Will you pay for them?

    “Why are you all looking at these moments through the prism of money ?!”

    “Why are you all looking at these moments through the prism of a freebie ?!”

    “You don’t suit us.” Bye”. dimadei4ik / Pikabu

    Already by recruitment announcement you can find out what awaits you at your new job. Phrases like “You have to work in a friendly team”, “We expect flexibility and responsibility from you” – these are actually alarming calls.

    The emphasis on teamwork suggests that it’s almost impossible to get upstairs at a new place of work and you will remain part of the “large and friendly team”.

    When the employer says: “Flexibility will be required of you”, then stress, confusion and personnel changes await you. “Responsibility” in the language of the employer often means that they will make a scapegoat out of you in a new place.

    9. The room where the office is located is alarming, and the employees do not look happy with life

    13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

    If you came for an interview and found that the office is located in a basement lit by a dim light, and a battered sheet of paper is hanging on the door instead of a sign, do not waste time talking. An unsettled workspace without offices, with old office equipment and lounging employees suggests that the employer absolutely does not care about his subordinates.

    Look at your future colleagues and appreciate their body language: are they calm, don’t pull their heads into the shoulders when a chef appears, have you been friendly and are calmly talking to each other? Great, this place is right for you. Gloomy, carelessly dressed people with an expression of universal sadness on their faces are a sign that the employer is mercilessly exploiting his subordinates.

    10. Ready to accept everyone indiscriminately

    With the help of incorrect ads, a dishonest employer can drag you into a fraudulent scheme. Unlucky job seekers are lured into financial pyramids, forced to pay for an interview, or left without a salary after the first month worked.

    The main sign of a fraudulent scheme is an “omnivorous” ad. It looks something like this: “Work in the office or at home with a free schedule, salary from $ 2000 thousand dollars. Education and experience do not matter. Age – from 18 to 70. “

    Of course, such work does not exist in the world and not a single employer who is sober will pay decent amounts to lay people for trifling work. Business experts give simple advice: check suspicious companies on the Internet, read the reviews of those who managed to attend the interview.

    11. Asking for a copy of your passport or other documents

    A decent employer will never ask you to provide passport / TIN / SNILS scans at the stage of consideration of a candidate. Reception of documents is carried out only in the personnel department and nothing else.

    Such carelessness is fraught with problems – your personal data can get to dishonest people. As a result, you will become the “owner” of the loan or the director of the company for money laundering.

    12. The personnel officer makes you take tests that are not related to future work

    “A couple of months ago I came across an offer from one company with a salary of 1000 thousand $ (for our city, the salary is huge). Without thinking twice, I sent my resume, and I was invited for an interview. They offered to take a written test, which lasted an hour and a half, more like an exam. But what can’t you do for the sake of the prospect of receiving ₽ 80 thousand. The next day they called me and told me in a joyful voice that they had accepted me, because I passed the test perfectly. But there is one small nuance: they will pay me not $ 1000 but $ 200. To my fair “What?” The girl explained that they specifically set this figure because people refused to take the test for an hour and a half. When I refused the tempting offer to wipe my pants in their amazing office, I was scolded for their commercialism and lack of dedication. ”

    Recruitment experts say that the employer shows his best qualities precisely during the interview. If you notice the slightest hint of neglect, you should know that it won’t get any better.

    When a future employee is forced to undergo exhausting hours-long tests, which do not apply to work, it means that your professional qualities are of no interest to anyone. Or the eychar does not know what to ask you about, and simply creates the appearance of work. You may be asked to solve logic puzzles, fill in numbers, play a guessing game – all this is completely unprofessional.

    13. Parking in front of the office is clogged with management cars

    Business speaker Mile Kerr shared a life hack that will help you determine at a glance how the company treats ordinary employees. If in the parking lot of the office half of the seats are reserved for management, then the organization is strictly hierarchical. Surely the director will have a dozen deputies here, and it is almost impossible for an ordinary employee to break through to the top.

    Have you ever met employers from whom you wanted to run faster than the wind during an interview?

  • 19 Examples of Social Advertising but Beyond that is Social Status

    Social advertising are ads with many other content. But the social advertising we talking about is what society is facing and what we are facing. We are all so tired of the same type of commercials, elaborate slogans and bright pictures that we often stop noticing them. We pass by the catchy poster and turn off the TV for the duration of the break in the broadcast of your favorite program. But still there is an advertisement worthy of close attention. She does not promise a bright future, talks about problems and awakens a caring person in us.

    At Happy Worthy Life, we are online every day, browsing tons of information, and sometimes run into advertising campaigns that hurt everyone. Today we want to show you examples of social advertising that can cause laughter, surprise and even shock, but they certainly will not leave you indifferent.

    1. What would happen if Einstein were just a pizza delivery man?

    Campaign to support the ETH University Scholarship Program in Zurich. The slogan reads: “Brilliant minds should not be distracted from study, working part-time.”

    2. It looks funny, but really sad

    An awareness campaign by the Enable Foundation Hong Kong to teach people how to recognize signs of dementia. Campaign slogan: “Surrealistic in dementia is reality.”

    3. Previously, there were saw fish, hedgehog fish and clown fish, and now fish bottles are increasingly found

    Integrated advertising created by Aldeilis, Iceland. The poster is based on UN studies confirming that at the current rate of ocean pollution in 2050, water bodies will contain as many kilograms of plastic as fish.

    4. “Share your food”

    A print ad for the GPS Humanitarian Fund, which helps poor Brazilians get clothing and food.

    5. The lion is not a clown, he is a wild beast

    WWF Campaign Initiated to Combat Animal Abuse Its slogan is: “Your entertainment or my life.”

    6. The life of some children is more difficult than we can imagine.

    The Amen Autism Center information campaign in Jordan recalls helping children with autism is difficult, but possible. She passed under the slogan “Help me find a way out.”

    7. Do you cut it straight?

    Hey Girls’ UK social campaign has been launched to focus on the link between feminine hygiene and poverty. This two-sided advertising poster appeared in the Metro newspaper in 2018. On the one hand, a contour of a sanitary towel was drawn with the call “Do it yourself.” And on the back, a shocking message was written that every 10th girl in the UK for some reason can not afford hygiene products, so every month she is forced to make pads from toilet paper, socks or a newspaper.

    8. Traces of human activity are sometimes invisible, but always entail consequences

    A campaign organized by Greenpeace, designed to draw attention to the problems of the interaction of man and nature. Slogan: “Do we leave such an imprint?”

    9. “About 21% of people on the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean believe in the existence of a snow man. 27% of people believe that climate change is fiction.”

    The comically illustrated Climate Reality Group information campaign about the serious problem of global climate change.

    10. Sometimes someone’s death saves someone’s life

    19 Examples of Social Advertising but Beyond that is Social Status
    © France ADOT / adsoftheworld  

    The France ADOT information campaign, in its advertising poster and slogan, recalls that thousands of people owe their lives to organ donors.

    11. Not an assembled puzzle, but a “disassembled” person

    The German Alzheimer Forschung awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about Alzheimer’s. “Piece by piece, Alzheimer’s takes memory. Help us win the battle. “

    12. “A right-click on a computer mouse cannot save the red panda. Acceptance of the problem of its disappearance – may”

    WBZA Indian Fund Initiative to Protect Endangered Species.

    13. Stereotypes still dominate women in some countries.

    Campaign in support of women’s rights in the UAE. The inscription on the poster: “A woman should: stay home / be a slave / be in the kitchen / keep quiet in the church.”

    14. “She said she wanted to sleep, but at that time she was drowning.”

    Social advertising designed to raise public awareness of “secondary drowning”. Campaign slogan: “Do you know that your child may experience drowning symptoms after leaving the water?”

    15. Not all smiling people are equally kind

    Advertising at a Paris airport warns: “Illegal taxis hide real risks.”

    16. Depression can be completely invisible from the outside.

    An Indian social campaign aimed at drawing attention to the problems of depression and suicide demonstrates how someone’s high expectations can affect a person’s mental health.

    17. What should not be ashamed

    A social campaign in Egypt, which says that a woman should not make excuses and apologize for the natural processes that occur monthly in her body, as well as be ashamed of them.

    18. “Hands may remain clean during construction.”

    An advertising campaign aimed at combating corruption in the construction sector.

    19. It’s not enough just to be near

    An advertising campaign that draws attention to a person’s attachment to electronic devices. Her slogan: “Digital addiction exists. Only you do not see it. “

    Have you come across really strong social advertising? Do you think that society needs it?

    Preview Photo Credit  The Case For Her / adsoftheworld

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  • 5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress

    It’s no secret that the fashion industry is booming today. The choice of exclusive items and niche design solutions for the wardrobe is wide and meets any needs. But brand prices are very different in boutiques and online stores. Many questions arise in my head: how the original really looks, why local designers stick Chinese tags to clothes, and most importantly, why a plain-looking blouse can cost more than $ 100.

    In fact, distinguishing a real brand from a fake is not easy. Recall at least the “shuttle” bags of the Louis Vuitton collection: not everyone believed that haute couture also happens. We at Happy Worthy Life have plunged into this topic and decided to list the main signs that the showroom gives out products purchased on a Chinese site for a designer item.

    The consultant does not give a clear answer to the question of who sews clothes, mumbles about “partners in China”

    5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
    © Masaaki Komori / unsplash  

    So, you went to the showroom and saw a lot of beautiful clothes. To begin, ask a leading question to the consultant. For example, where do these outfits sew and who is the designer. A seller who guarantees quality will give clear answers. If the consultant looks away and mutters something like “didn’t specify, but the quality is good” or “the hostess buys everything herself,” you should be wary. Origin sellers are too proud of their product to not tell the customer about it.

    Typically, clothing labels in such boutiques show their own production or a manufacturing country with a high reputation (for example, Korea). However, there are also “Made in China” tags. Perhaps by mistake they did not have time to cut. Feel free to clarify where all these clothes are released. It is very likely that you will receive a lengthy answer about some “Chinese partners who sew a certain part of the pattern.” Decide if there is a place for this exclusive in your wardrobe.

    In the showroom they sell everything: from underwear to down jackets – you need to beware

    If the assortment of the showroom is diverse: from shorts to fur coats, from home clothes to business clothes, the likelihood that this is developed by one brand (from an idea and a sketch to the final production) is extremely small. To create so many things, you need to have a lot of labor. China is famous for this.

    A thread sticks out / a seam diverges – before you is a fake

    5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
    © Svetlana Khokhlova / gettyimages  

    When choosing clothes in the showroom, always carefully check the cut quality, see if the threads stick out, how the seams are processed. Some consultants, in a rush to make amends for the defective thing, offer “to process everything right now.” And sometimes you can hear such an explanation: “This is our new collection, and we did not have time to trim the excess.” These words once again confirm that the item was ordered on a Chinese site.

    In addition, it is worthwhile to carefully study the composition of the fabric. In China, there are quality items, and made from inexpensive material. Sometimes, in pursuit of profit, resellers make a deal with conscience and purchase cheap goods, which they later sell at a huge margin.

    4. Things from Italy and the USA on a prepaid basis – alas, this is also an AliExpress marker

    In addition to physically existing showrooms on the Internet, you can find hundreds of online stores of branded items. Finding a fake here is more difficult, since there is no way to see and touch the clothes before making a purchase.

    The work of such a prepaid boutique is one of the signs that may alert the buyer. That is, the order of the promised American or European clothing is possible only after full payment of the purchase. Typically, branded stores do not function that way. But for a reseller with AliExpress, this is a working scheme: he receives money, takes most of it, makes an order for the rest in China. Customer focus is zero, but revenue is 5 times.

    To top it off, they can even send them to the post office, where they will pick up the “European exclusive” in the package of Chinese Taobao.

    5. Chinese jewelry is given as an elite handmade

    5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
    © domin_domin / gettyimages   © aliexpress  

    There is a smaller, but no less sophisticated Internet business – the sale of Chinese jewelry as unique products of local craftsmen. Sellers buy jewelry for nothing, cut tags (this item is the most important, you guessed it) and attach the label “handmade”. Thus, with a flick of the wrist, glass pendants and rings turn into an exclusive handmade. Checked by photo on Google.

    How to check the showroom and protect yourself from cheating

    Before you make a purchase, read the reviews. Usually people who have already stepped on a rake willingly warn others. Showrooms are outraged by negative reviews: they say that competitors want to slander them. Maybe. But not in cases where there are more bad reviews than good ones.

    Among the customer feedback there are comments in which there is no claim to the quality of clothes, but in many there is a repeating word “China”. Some find analogues of such products in Chinese Taobao and Joom, while others just accidentally discover an uncut label mentioning the country of origin. Interestingly, many do not mind wearing a thing sewn in China. The only upset is the deception of boutique owners who assure that they are selling exclusive, and therefore the price is so high.

    © Foc Kan / gettyimages   © aliexpress  

    The question arises: why, as a rule, a thing ordered on AliExpress looks much simpler than the same one in the showroom? You involuntarily catch yourself thinking: maybe the originals are still being sold in boutiques, but on fake their fakes? This is not so, and there is a simple explanation.

    • The showroom uses instagram filters, photoshop, color grading and thousands of other photo editors to give the model a gloss and glamor.
    • The fashion model who demonstrates the thing has good proportions and appearance, which are brought to the ideal by the tricks of makeup artists and photoshop editors.
    • Models photographed in static. As soon as the girls change their position, the clothes will not sit so beautifully. And all the sets are skillfully tightened with pins and sewn on the back with threads that are not visible in the photo.

    Have you encountered any misunderstandings in the form of “designer outfits” for fabulous money and their analogues on AliExpress? Perhaps you also have proven ways to distinguish an original from a fake?

    Preview Photo credit Foc Kan / gettyimagesaliexpress

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  • 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years

    To succeed in life, as a rule, you have to work hard. And, unfortunately, this takes more than a dozen years. Famous people stories are no different. Many of them became known only after 40, 50, and even 60 years. For example, a writer with the pseudonym E. L. James gained popularity only at 48 years old, after the release of her novel “50 Shades of Gray”.

    We at Happy Worthy Life found out which of the other famous people had a long life path to success.

    Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News  

    The American actor is now known throughout the world as the leading actor of chemistry teacher Walter White from the television show “Breaking Bad.” But before becoming popular, Brian had to overcome many difficulties in life. So, he had a difficult childhood, in his youth he unloaded trucks, worked at the cemeteries at night, was a camera operator for a video dating service, and a security guard in a supermarket.

    All these years, Cranston did not abandon his dream of becoming an actor. Since the late 1980s, he began to appear in minor roles and commercials. And only in 2000, when the actor was 44 years old, he starred in the television series “Malcolm in the Spotlight”. For the role of Hal Cranston was awarded 3 nominations for the Emmy Award. And in 2008, after the release of the first season of the series “Breaking Bad”, Brian Cranston became a world-famous actor.

    Mary kay ash

    Mary kay ash 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News  

    Mary Kay Ash worked as a sales agent for Stanley Home Products. In 1963, immediately after she was promoted not by her, but by the man she trained, Mary quit and retired (she was then 45 years old). Mary decided to write a book that would help other women become successful in business, but in the end the book turned into a business plan for her future ideal company.

    Having borrowed $ 5 thousand from her children, she founded the cosmetics company Mary Kay and began her activities in a store in Dallas. In the end, the case of Mary Kay Ash was successful. At the time of Mary’s death, in 2001, there were more than 800 thousand representatives in 37 countries in the world. In 2014, there were already more than 3 million consultants worldwide.

    Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © Invision / Invision / East News  

    Morgan Freeman worked as a clerk, dancer in his youth, then played in the theater. In the early 1970s, gained some fame after participating in the popular television series Electric Company. In 1971, Freeman played his first role in the big movie – the film “Who said I can not walk on the rainbow?”. Then there was a 9-year lull, followed by a second role in the prison drama Brubaker.

    But the real fame came to the actor in 1987, when he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Street Boy. Then Morgan Freeman was 50 years old.

    Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © Jen Lowery / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News  

    After graduating from high school, Billy Bob Thornton worked a little asphalt paver, and then studied for 2 semesters at Henderson University, specializing in research in the field of psychology.

    In the mid-1980s, Billy Bob moved to Los Angeles and decided to start an acting career. Acting in low-budget films, the actor was barely making ends meet, and therefore between the auditions he was still moonlighting as a waiter, seller of fast food and household chemical goods. At one of the events, the actor was advised to write scripts for films. Success overtook Billy Bob in 1996 after the release of The Honed Blade. To him, the actor himself wrote the script, acted as a director and played the main role. Then, He received an Academy Award (as well as an Academy Award for Best Screenplay), after which Thornton’s career went uphill.

    E.L. James

    E.L. James 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © Pierre Villard / SIPA / East News  

    Erika Leonard, known by the pseudonym E.L. James, after graduating from the university for many years worked as an assistant director of the studio at the National School of Film and Television in Beaconsfield, near London. In 2008, she saw the movie Twilight, and then was absorbed in reading the novel of the same name.

    Inspired by Twilight, in 2009 E.L. James began writing her novel “50 Shades of Gray” and after 2 years completed work on it. This book and the next 2 parts became bestsellers, and very unexpectedly for Erika herself. Films came out of the books, and E. L. James, at 48, became one of the best-selling authors.

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson 11 Famous People Who Have Succeeded Only After 40 Years
    © CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / East News  

    After school, Samuel Leroy Jackson played in a local theater, consisting mainly of black actors. He worked there until graduating from college in 1972. After that, he began to appear in episodic roles of various films. Jackson even managed to appear in small episodes in the films “Goodfellas” (1990) and “Jurassic Park” (1993).

    But Samuel L. Jackson became a world star only in 1994, after playing one of the main roles in Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction. At that time, the actor was 47 years old.

    Momofuku Ando

    Momofuku Ando Celebrity stories
    © YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP / Getty Images  

    In 1932, the Japanese Momofuku Ando, ??at 22, founded his own textile company. 11 years later, he opened sewing production, but a few years after the end of World War II, Ando went bankrupt.

    In those years, the population of the Land of the Rising Sun did not have enough food, the noodle companies were too small to meet the supply needs. Therefore, Momofuku decided to independently establish the production of noodles. After several months of trial and error, in August 1958, 48-year-old Momofuku Ando launched the first instant noodles on the market. True, it was not affordable for many Japanese, as it cost about 6 times more than traditional noodles.

    And only in 1971, after Ando began to produce noodles packed in waterproof polystyrene containers and reduced the price several times, his invention became incredibly popular both at home and abroad. At that time, Momofuku was 61 years old.

    Alan Rickman

    Alan Rickman Celebrity stories
    © AP / East News  

    Actor Alan Rickman is known to the wide audience for the movie “Die Hard” (1988), in which the 42-year-old actor played the leader of the gang Hans Gruber. He also played Professor Severus Snape in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.

    But the path to fame for the actor was not easy and long. In his youth, Alan was a designer in a newspaper, then with friends he founded his own design studio. Realizing that you won’t make a lot of money, at the age of 26 Rickman was admitted to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Subsequently, he received several awards for performances, as well as a royal scholarship. And during the tour in New York, the producers noticed him and invited him to play in Die Hard, which changed Rickman’s life.

    Judi Dench

    Judi Dench Celebrity stories
    © MEGA / Mega Agency / East News  

    The English actress first performed in the theater. And for the first time she went on stage back in 1957. Then there were roles on television and in TV shows. But worldwide fame came to Judy in 1995, immediately after the release of the Golden Eye film, another picture about the adventures of agent 007. In it and the subsequent series of Bond, Judy Dench played M – the head of the British secret service MI-6. In 1995, the actress was 61 years old.

    Ray Kroc

    Ray Kroc Celebrity stories
    © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News  

    Ray Kroc worked as a sales agent until the age of 52 (he sold paper cups and mixers to catering establishments), sometimes he played the piano in a jazz ensemble, and worked as a real estate agent. In 1954, he accidentally ended up at the MacDonald Brothers restaurant and was impressed by the modern and mechanized process of making dishes, as well as the professionalism of the staff.

    Ray Kroc bought from the MacDonald brothers the right to open restaurants with the same name and location in the United States. In 1955, he opened his first restaurant and began selling franchises to open catering establishments throughout the country. Soon, the McDonald’s brand became widely known and gained popularity among visitors.

    Louis de Funes

    Louis de Funes Celebrity stories
    © Album Onlin? / East News  

    In his youth, Louis Germain David de Funes de Galarza was fond of drawing and playing the piano. He also performed various unskilled work, with which he was repeatedly dismissed. De Funes was also a bar jazz pianist. After Louis studied acting for a year at Simon School, he decided to try his hand at the movies.

    From 1945 to 1958, he played in more than 100 films, mostly episodic roles. But great fame came to the actor in 1958, after playing the main role in the film “Not Caught – Not a Thief.” Then Louis de Funes was 44 years old. And the worldwide popularity overtook the actor after the release of the first picture of the adventures of the gendarme Kryusho. It was 1964. Then the first film about Fantomas was released. Louis de Funes became popular at age 50.

    Preview Photo Credit ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News

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