Coronavirus: US has more than 10,000 deaths, New York hopes to have hit the peak of the epidemic

The number of deaths in the US from Covid-19 infection surpassed 10,000 on April 6. In the meantime, the New York epidemic is expected to have hit the epidemic as death tolls are declining.

More than 10,000 people have died of coronavirus in the US as of April 6, according to CBS . This is the week that President Donald Trump considered the “most difficult” week in the epidemic with the United States.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the US has more than 350,000 confirmed positive cases of the virus.

Emergency personnel transport patients outside Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, New York, April 5. 

In New York, an additional 599 people died of Covid-19 on April 6. New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo cautiously expressed optimism on April 6 that the state’s infection and death curve may be starting to slow, according to the New York Times .

“It is hopeful,” Mr. Cuomo said, “but nothing has been concluded and it still depends on what we do.”

New York City is still the center of the epidemic in the US with hospitals full of patients. A city councilor said officials were considering creating temporary mass graves in one of the city’s parks, an idea rejected by Cuomo.

But even as Mr. Cuomo talked about “a curve can be flattened,” he made it clear that hospitals in New York were at their limits. He also doubled the maximum penalty for violating the social isolation rules of up to $ 1,000 and urged people to comply with them.

The number of new deaths recorded in New York on April 6 is a slight increase compared to 594 on April 4. However, compared to April 3, the day when the death toll was recorded as 630, this number decreased significantly.

In total, 4,758 people died from Covid-19 infection in New York. Nationwide, at least 10,522 people have died, according to the New York Times .

Mr. Cuomo also warned people not to be overconfident.

“This is an enemy we underestimated from day one and we paid dearly,” he said.

He also warned that the numbers that seemed to be falling did not mean the crisis was over. “Other places have made that mistake.”

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