Deaths of Coronavirus in US exceed 50,000, double in 10 days

The number of deaths in the US exceeded 50,000 on April 24, after doubling in the past 10 days. About 880,000 infections in this country.

The number of infections and deaths in the US is currently the highest in the world, with an average of 2,000 deaths each day in April.

The actual number of infections could be higher, as officials warned that the shortage of manpower and medical supplies limited testing.

The number of deaths is likely to increase as most states only count deaths in hospitals and nursing homes, and the death toll at home has not been recorded.

Deaths of Coronavirus in US exceed 50,000, double in 10 days
Although the situation is complicated, some states such as Georgia in the US are opening gradually. 
Photo taken at a barbershop in Atlanta, Georgia, April 24.

It took 38 days for the number of deaths in the US to increase from the first to 10,000. But after that, it only took 5 days for the number of deaths to rise to 20,000. That number increased from 30,000 to 40,000 in four days, around April 20, including the recently announced “Covid-19” deaths that New York announced.

There are optimistic signs that the peak has passed in New York, San Francisco or Seattle. But others are skyrocketing in the number of cases, suggesting that the war in the US is still long, according to the New York Times . Some areas, such as Goldsboro, North Carolina, recorded a higher rate of new cases per 1,000 people than New York City.

About 40% of deaths are in New York state, with a total of 16,162 cases. In this state, the number of deaths is on the decline, with 422 new deaths announced on April 24, the lowest since April 1.

Other indicators which were considered positive during the week continued to be positive. For example, the number of Covid-19 patients in the hospital has decreased for 11 consecutive days (averaging three days), and has decreased by more than 3,000 since April 17. The number of patients who had to be put on a breathing tube and are likely to survive has dropped for 12 straight days, according to figures from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Deaths of Coronavirus in US exceed 50,000, double in 10 days
President Trump updated the situation of Covid-19 at the White House. 

But one concern lies in the number of new hospitalizations. After falling 35% from April 17 to April 21, this number so far has dropped by only 5%.

“It’s a straight line again, and that’s very worrying,” Cuomo said, meaning the state still has an additional 6,000 cases a day – down from about 10,000 new cases in the first days of April. , but still higher than most states.

President Trump signed the law on a $ 484 billion bailout package for small business support loans, as well as hospital and testing support.

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