Detected Coronavirus Evolved Into 2 different strains

Chinese scientists found that the coronavirus has evolved into two different strains in terms of spread and geographical distribution.

According to SCMP , research conducted by Chinese scientists in the National Science Review on March 3 showed that coronavirus has evolved into two large strains, with different mechanisms of infection and geographical distribution. .

Accordingly, the researchers analyzed 103 gene segments of the coronavirus and found mutations at 149 locations. The scientists found that one of the two strains, designated L strain, is more common than the other, called S strain, meaning that the L strain is more likely to spread than the S strain.

Detected Coronavirus Evolved Into 2 different strains
Korean soldiers 
disinfect an area in Seoul. 

Strains L are thought to have spread very strongly before 7/1 in Wuhan, where the disease outbreak. Scientists believe that the L strain evolved from the S strain.

The human action after the coronavirus outbreak discovered in December may have changed the spread of strains. Scientists’ report that the Chinese government’s taking aggressive measures, including blockade of cities, helped prevent the spread of the strain L.

The scientists say further research needs to be done to help gain a better overview of the evolution and spread of coronavirus.

Since its inception in Wuhan in China in December 2019, the Covid-19 epidemic has now spread to at least 80 countries and territories, infecting more than 93,000 people and resulting in more than 3,200 deaths.

South Korea, Iran and Italy are currently the largest outbreaks outside of China.

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