How to walk a dog during quarantine: 5 simple rules

Coronavirus is not scary for your pet, but you risk getting infected while walking.

In US, California and many other cities, a self-isolation regime has been introduced, which prohibits people from leaving their homes, with the exception of urgent reasons. One of them is dog walking – it is allowed. However, in order to do this as safely as possible, it is important to adhere to a number of rules.

1. Choose the right time and place

It is better to walk the dog early in the morning and late in the evening, when there are fewer people on the streets. So you reduce the risk of contact with strangers and other pets.

2. Keep a distance

In the elevator, on the stairwell and on the street, observe a social distance of two meters, excluding any contact of the pet with other people. Do not allow strangers, including children, to touch and pet your dog.

According to the chief physician of the American Veterinary Medical Association Gale Golaba, the causative agents of coronavirus practically do not stay on pet hair and other porous materials. However, laboratory studies have not yet confirmed this, which means that it is better not to neglect additional precautions.

3. Keep your dog off the leash.

While walking on the street, do not let the dog off the leash, even if you have a harmless pug or spitz. The leash will allow you to control the movement of the pet, which is especially true in the case of hyperactive animals.

4. Wash your feet thoroughly.

After a walk, it is important to rinse the pet’s paws thoroughly using an antibacterial soap. If the dog wears clothes, they should also be washed as often as possible. The same goes for the collar, harness and leash.

5. Wash your hands after a walk.

After walking the dog, as well as after each exit from the house, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly, observing all WHO recommendations . If you are afraid to dry your skin , use liquid soap and moisturizers that contain mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

At the moment, the possibility of infection of pets with COVID-19 is not confirmed . This is indicated on the site. WHO, therefore, do not worry that going outside is dangerous for your dog.

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