Identify the immune system’s mechanism of ‘fighting back’ coronavirus

Australian scientists have identified a mechanism by which the human immune system responds and fights new strains of coronavirus.

According to the BBC , a study by scientists from the Peter Doherty Research Institute on infectious and immune diseases in Australia published in the journal Nature Medicine on 17/3 said it has determined how the human immune system. “fight back” new strain of coronavirus.

Research also shows that the human body recovers from Covid-19 in the same way that we recover from the flu.

Scientists say identifying which immune cells appear during the body’s defense against coronavirus will help with vaccine development and production.

The next step that needs to be taken now is to find out why the immune system is weaker in some cases.

The new discovery is expected to accelerate the vaccine development process. 

“This discovery is important because this is the first time we truly understand how the immune system responds to the new strain of coronavirus. What is needed now is to understand what is different or missing in patients with death. or have serious underlying diseases, from which we can protect them, “said Professor Katherine Kedzierska, co-author of the study.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said on March 17 that the newly achieved success of the Peter Doherty Research Institute would help speed up the vaccine development process, as well as support for the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus.

The Peter Doherty Research Institute for Infectious and Immune Diseases is also the first research facility outside of China to isolate and recreate new strains of corona virus in January.

To date, more than 188,000 people have been infected with the new strain of coronavirus worldwide, of which about 88,000 are infected outside of China.

Covid-19 killed 7,511 people, including 3,226 in China. The number of recovery cases after treatment is more than 80,800 people.

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