Number of infections in the US is the highest in the world, surpassing Italy and China

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States reached 82,404 on March 26, larger than any other country globally, surpassing Italy and China, according to Johns Hopkins University.

China ranked second with 81,340 cases and Italy in third with 80,589 cases.

The total number of infections globally has now reached 526,044.

The first case reported in the US on January 21 was a man in Washington state who recently traveled to Wuhan, China. Within 6 weeks, new cases began to increase in the United States and the country also had the first death.

The United States leads the world in the number of coronavirus infections

The state of New York is the most affected area in the US. With 37,802 cases, the number of confirmed cases here accounts for nearly half of the total number of cases nationwide and is tens of thousands more than in any other state.

Updates: Coronavirus Disease 2019
Silhouettes of medical personnel on coronavirus tent in a parking lot outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, USA.

The Trump administration is planning to issue guidelines to classify counties nationwide into high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk groups, to help state and local governments decide to tighten. or loosen social isolation measures to slow the spread.

Earlier, scientists had warned that the United States would one day become the country most heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, many people don’t think that moment comes so quickly. US newspapers simultaneously reported that “The US has led the world in the number of coronavirus infections” as soon as it was confirmed.

With a population of 330 million, the United States is the third most populous country in the world. This means that the number of people who are likely to be infected with Covid-19 here is very large.

Currently, at least 160 million Americans have been ordered to stay home in states from California to New York. Schools, bars, restaurants and many other businesses closed. Hospitals are coping with a spike in the number of patients in New York City while even the supply of equipment and protective equipment is running low.

The failure of the US to cope with the epidemic even as the virus devastation is evident in China has led to this result, according to the New York Times .

The United States cannot carry out extensive testing, making it impossible for the nation to get a comprehensive picture of the disease situation. The lack of masks, protective gear to protect doctors and nurses on the front line, as well as breathing machines to keep the lives of critical patients worse, is making the situation worse.

Updates: Coronavirus Disease 2019
Hospital staff conduct corona virus tests in Indian Wells, California. 

The United States, which has an outstanding health system backed by trillions of dollars from insurance companies and government health insurance, should be ready for the pandemic.

The country also has an army of heart transplant and cancer doctors. However, the public health system of the US is heavily dependent on local taxes. The system only “kills mosquitoes” and traces people infected with sexually transmitted diseases. It was completely overwhelmed by this pandemic, according to a New York Times commentary .

China recorded a case of domestic infection

The National Health Commission of China on March 27 announced the first local case (after days of not reporting a case of this kind) and 54 foreign cases. The news comes amid Beijing ordering all airlines to sharply cut international flights that could re-trigger the coronavirus.

A total of 55 new infections have been recorded compared to 67 cases a day earlier, China currently has 81,340 cases, with 3,292 deaths, an increase of 5 cases compared to the previous day.

The number of deaths in Italy exceeds 8,000

Officials in Italy reported 662 deaths and 6,153 new infections there on March 26, bringing the total number of virus infections to 80,539 and the total number of deaths of 8,215, according to AFP .

The huge number of victims forced the city of Bergamo, the most heavily affected area in Italy, to send more bodies to cremated, less-pressure crematoriums in nearby towns. Six military trucks transported the coffin out of a Bergamo cemetery on March 26.

Updates: Coronavirus Disease 2019
The large number of victims caused cremation by Bergamo cremation

“The large number of victims caused the cremation of Bergamo cremation,” said the mayor of Giorgio Gori.

Latest Italian data show that the main victims of Covid-19 are elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. Data on the first 5,542 deaths showed that 98.6% of the victims had at least 1 underlying disease. More than half of the victims had three or more other health problems when they died. Only 29.1% of the victims were women. This disparity also happens elsewhere and confuses doctors around the world.

The death rate among Covid-19 confirmed cases in Italy is 10.1%, much higher than that of countries that perform large-scale tests like South Korea .

China banned foreigners from entering March 28

With the rising number of imported cases, China will ban entry to foreigners – including those with a residence permit – starting March 28.

The ban applies to people who hold a work permit or a residence card in China, but there are exceptions for diplomatic, sailor or crew passports, and certain types of visas.

The notice said foreign nationals seeking to enter China “for the purpose of economic, commercial, scientific or technological activities necessary, or for urgent humanitarian needs” can still apply for a visa. at embassies and consulates. Visas issued after this notice are still valid.

Updates: Coronavirus Disease 2019
People from abroad returning to China at Beijing International Airport.

The corona virus was first detected from China’s Wuhan city, but the quarantine and strict blockade of civilian activity helped the country control the outbreak. The number of domestic infections has dropped to almost zero.

China has tightened inspection and isolation of passengers from abroad in recent days, and detected many cases of imported Covid-19.

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