President Trump Declared National Emergency of Coronavirus

President Trump declared a national emergency in the United States on March 13 to release $ 50 billion in federal funding to tackle the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, President Trump dismissed criticism that Washington did not take some measures to make the medical crisis worse.

“I have no responsibility here. Situations, laws, and regulations have been laid down from another era,” Mr. Trump said, firmly asserting that the problem caused coronavirus test kits to be distributed. The delay comes from the fault of the previous authorities.

To date, 2,269 people in the United States have been infected with coronavirus, of which 572 cases have been recorded in the past 24 hours. 48 people have died of coronavirus in the US.

Declaring a state of emergency is part of the White House’s efforts to control the health crisis after a week of market fluctuations and disruptions in daily life.

President Trump Declared National Emergency of Coronavirus
The President declared a national emergency from the White House on March 13. 

President Trump said the US Department of Health would allow the removal of some specific rules to give hospitals and doctors more flexibility to cope with the outbreak of the disease.

Besides, the US will also exempt students’ loan interest rates and buy more crude oil for replenishment and strategic reserves.

The US president said that declaring a state of emergency would “unleash all the power of the federal government” and call on people to cooperate in times of national crisis.

“Through collective action, shared sacrifices, and national determination, we will overcome the threat of virus,” President Trump said.

The president said that the spread of coronavirus could be halted, although he admitted the situation would get worse before it could be improved. “The situation could get worse. The next 8 weeks is very important.”

The President also announced that he would strengthen coronavirus testing capacity for health facilities in the country. However, Mr. Trump does not think that all Americans should conduct the test.

“We don’t want people to get tested if we find they don’t need to. And we don’t want people to rush in and get tested, unless they only have some specific symptoms. “.

President Trump Declared National Emergency of Coronavirus
Fumigation team at an outbreak in the US on March 13.

One person Mr. Trump said should be tested himself was after contacting a Brazilian official who recently tested positive for coronavirus.

However, although not shaking hands is considered one of the measures to prevent the virus from spreading, President Trump still shook hands with nearly all attendees of the event on March 13.

After a statement criticized on March 11, leading to the historic decline of the stock market, President Trump faced pressure to react strongly to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Unlike the previous statement that the virus was a threat abroad, a statement on March 14 acknowledged the coronavirus as an existing crisis in the country that required the mobilization of enormous federal resources.

President Trump blames the Democrats for not being good enough in negotiating a regulatory package to deal with the coronavirus. Mr. Trump also criticized previous administrations that have damaged the current government’s ability to cope with the disease.

However, the delay in testing conducted under President Trump was described by Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading infectious disease expert, as bringing the situation closer to the “collapse”. .

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