Research China: Cats Can Transmit Coronavirus to Each Other

In a recent study of domestic pets, Chinese scientists discovered that cats can infect coronavirus to others through respiratory droplets.

According to the Guardian , cat owners will need to pay attention to the new research done by Chinese scientists, which found Covid-19 to be able to spread among domestic cats.

The team from the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in Heilongjiang Province, China, found that cats are very sensitive to the Covid-19 coronavirus, and seem to be able to pass the virus to other cats through drops. coughing. However, dogs, chickens, pigs and ducks are unlikely to be infected with this virus.

There was recently news that a Belgian cat was infected with Covid-19, which showed symptoms of the disease just a week after its owner showed symptoms.

The cat also has difficulty breathing, has diarrhea and is vomiting. Subsequent tests by Liege University revealed that the animal was infected with the coronavirus.

A cat in Belgium was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus after its owner was positive for Covid-19

The Chinese scientists’ study was carried out on a small sample of animals, they were transmitted at high concentrations of the virus and there was no direct indication that cats were able to transmit the virus to humans.

However, the research team says this work will help to better understand the role of domestic animals in the spread of coronavirus.

“Controlling the spread of Sars-CoV-2 virus in cats should be considered as a way to eliminate Covid-19 in humans,” the study concludes.

The study has not been reviewed yet, and was published on the bioRxiv science website on April 1. In experiments, 5 cats were given coronavirus. Three of these were placed in cages, after which healthy cats were placed in adjacent cages.

As a result, one of the healthy cats was infected with the virus, suggesting that the infection could occur through respiratory drops. The result was then performed with a group of other cats. Ferrets, which are being used to test the vaccine against Covid-19, have also been found to be at high risk of infecting each other.

Industry experts say the results of the study are credible, but it does not suggest that cats play an important role in the spread of coronavirus.

“People should follow normal precautions like washing their hands after contact with pets, and avoiding close contact with them, especially those infected with Covid-19. It is important to say “This study doesn’t tell us much about how the virus spreads outside a cat, or whether it can infect humans,” said Professor Eric Fevre, Head of the Department of Animal Infectious Diseases at University of Liverpool. identify.

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