Russia has recorded nearly 1,000 cases of coronavirus

Russia has confirmed 954 more cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, including 30 cases of children, bringing the country’s total to 6,343.

Forty seven people died from the coronavirus in Russia, according to the Moscow Times .

As of April 6, 49 more cases had reported cases. The virus has spread to almost 80/85 regions of Russia.

In total, 406 people have recovered in this country.

“In the past day, 51 people have been discharged from the hospital. Two more patients have died in the Moscow region and the Republic of Komi, ”according to a Russian state notice.

Russia has conducted more than 758,000 tests.

Russia recorded a record number of infections a day on April 4

Most cases have been reported in Moscow. Among the new infections, about 85% are people under 65 years of age.

Since March 30, all 12 million capital residents have been ordered to stay home, with a few exceptions.

In Russia, about 200,000 people are being monitored for the new strain of coronary pneumonia. Over the weekend, President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order extending the working day to full pay until April 30.

“To ensure the hygiene and epidemiology of people throughout the territory of the Russian Federation regarding the spread of coronavirus disease, according to Article 80 of the Constitution of the Russian. I decide the days of nonworking. The work will last from April 4 to April 30 with the same wages ”Putin said in a speech on April 2.

Worldwide, the coronavirus has infected more than 1,276,000 people. Nearly 70,000 deaths have been recorded so far.

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