The Global Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide Exceed 5,000

The number of coronary deaths worldwide has exceeded 5,000 since the first case was identified in December 2019, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

The coronavirus infection website, operated by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine ( USA ), has so far recorded 5,065 deaths so far, while 136,929 cases have been confirmed. .

The total number of patients recovered was 69,623, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The place with the highest number of deaths is China ‘s Hubei Province , where the outbreak of Covid-19, with 3,062 deaths, was followed by Italy – the European country most heavily affected by the pandemic, with 1,016 deaths, followed by Iran with 524 deaths. All figures are officially published.

Cases of corona virus are on the rise in many European countries. 

Spain on March 13 became the latest country to declare a state of emergency in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Telegraph , Spain began applying blockade measures to the capital Madrid. Bars, restaurants and shops that do not sell essential goods must be closed. El Mundo said supermarkets and pharmacies were still allowed to open.

The Spanish Ministry of Health said the number of cases in the country had reached 4,209 cases, as of March 13, with the majority of cases detected in the Madrid capital.

According to Reuters , local health officials in the Madrid area up to March 13 morning recorded up to 2,078 positive cases for the new strain of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).

In Germany , the Berliner Morgenpost and Werra Rundschau reported that the paper had recorded a total of 3,117 cases of coronavirus.

The country has an additional 7 deaths, according to the Stuttgart Health Agency announcement. The patient is a male, 80 years old.

The number of coronavirus infections in Germany on March 13 has increased by more than 800 cases compared to the number recorded the day before.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, announced the closure of its school due to an outbreak of the new strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It is also the state with the highest number of cases nationwide with more than 1,264 cases, according to state government statistics.

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