The number of deaths in the US because of the pandemic exceeded 5,000

The number of deaths in the US from the coronavirus pandemic exceeded 5,000 on the morning of April 2, according to updated data from John Hopkins University.

The US overcame this gloomy milestone after setting a new record for deaths within 24 hours, with 884 deaths, according to AFP .

As of early afternoon 2/4, the number of deaths in the US has reached 5,137, according to John Hopkins University.

Thus, the number of victims in the United States ranked third in the world after Italy and Spain, but higher than China’s 3,316.

In total, the United States has 216,721 cases. The number of recovery cases is 8,662.

President Trump announced on April 1 that the US will “have a few weeks, starting now, especially a few days later, which will be terrible”.

President Trump announced on April 1 that the US will “have a few weeks, starting now, especially a few days later, which will be terrible”.

On March 29, US anti-epidemic expert Anthony Fauci said the number of people dying from the Covid-19 pandemic in the US could reach 100,000 based on an estimated model.

“But even in the most challenging times, Americans are not hopeless. We do not surrender to our fears, ”President Trump said.

Among the latest deaths from the US Covid-19 was a six week old baby, who was admitted to a hospital in Connecticut last weekend. The corona virus has by far been the most harmful to the elderly or has underlying disease, but recent cases show that the virus can affect people of all ages.

Recent victims include 13 year old children in France, 12 years in Belgium, and 13 years in the UK.

The New York Times reported that the federal government has almost drained its stock of emergency medical supplies, including masks, safety vests, and gloves, to deliver to the states, according to a government official. Even without personal protective equipment, the federal stockpile still has 9,400 ventilators ready to ship to the states.

On April 2, the total number of worldwide infections is about to reach 1 million. That number is currently more than 938,000, according to John Hopkins University as of early afternoon, but is growing very fast. The total number of victims worldwide is over 47,000 after soaring days.

“In the past five weeks, we have seen an exponential increase in the number of new cases, which have occurred in almost every country,” said World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The number of deaths more than doubled in the past week.”

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