The number of deaths in the US exceeds 2,000, President Trump wants to blockade New York

At least 215 million people were required to stay home, amid the number of deaths from disease in the US reached 2,010, out of a total of 121,117 infections.


According to statistics at 6pm on March 28, at least 215 million people, or about 65% of the US population, are required to stay home by order that is in effect in the states.

The states also issued additional orders that will take effect from the end of March 28 and from March 30. As of March 29, at least 216.9 million Americans will be required to stay home and by March 30, the number will rise to at least 225 million.

The number of deaths in the US exceeds 2,000, President Trump wants to blockade New York
A road almost devoid of cars in Detroit, Michigan, March 24.

The number of deaths from the new strain of coronavirus in the United States increased to 2,010 on March 28, double within 3 days, according to John Hopkins University’s constantly updated data.

This figure is lower than 10,013 deaths in Italy, 5,826 cases in Spain, 3,299 cases in China or 2,317 cases in France , according to the above statistics.

The number of virus infections in the US, the world’s largest epidemic region, has also reached 121,117. Not long ago, the US witnessed an increase of 21,309 cases, or 23%, within 24 hours, a new record.


Korea continues to isolate society, even though it has passed the peak of the epidemic

South Korea recorded 105 new infections on March 29, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 9,583. The death toll increased by 8 to 152, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Daegu City and neighboring North Gyeongsang Province – the 2 provinces most affected, reported 25 new cases. The total number of currently discharged patients is 5,033.

The number of new infections in Korea has fluctuated around 100 cases a day over the past two weeks, down sharply from around 900 cases a day in February.

South Korea decided to increase the implementation of “social isolation” until April 5, asking people to stay home and avoid crowded activities.


Seoul also applies a two-week quarantine and virus test for people from Europe on a long-term visa, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

The number of deaths in the US exceeds 2,000, President Trump wants to blockade New York
Spraying disinfectant before Prime Minister Chung Sye Kyun’s press conference in Seoul on March 27

China has only one new domestic case

The National Health Committee of China on the morning of March 29 said the country recorded 45 new infections on March 28, of which only one case occurred in the country, the rest were from outside.

The new domestic case is in Henan province, while the Hubei epidemic has one more day of no new cases reported, although five new day deaths in mainland China are in this province. Hubei also did not record any more suspicious cases.

In total, mainland China recorded 81,439 cases, of which 75,448 were cured, 3,300 died, and 2,691 were being treated.


China is turning anti-epidemic to control “imported” cases, that is, people infected with viruses outside of China have been detected through quarantine activities at border gates. By the end of March 28, mainland China had recorded 693 cases of this type.

The volunteer medical team from Tianjin said goodbye to colleagues in Wuhan.

2,650 infections and 49 deaths in Africa

47 countries in the Africa region of the World Health Organization (WTO) confirmed 2,650 new infections of coronavirus, including 49 deaths, said WTO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


He also said that the WTO has assisted governments in Africa in early detection of cases by providing testing kits, training health workers, strengthening surveillance systems and detecting cases.

Controversy about the blockade of New York

The state of New York continues to be the focus of the epidemic in the US, accounting for about half of the cases. President Donald Trump said on March 28 that he was considering a two-week mandatory isolation for the entire state as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Responding to the announcement, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the blockade of the states was illegal and would lead to “complete control”. He said Mr. Trump’s suggestion was “to declare a federal war” to the states.

“I don’t even think it’s legal,” Mr. Cuomo told CNN . “It is not isolation, it will be a blockade. If you say we will confine the people geographically, it will be a blockade. Then we will be Wuhan, China and that won’t be reasonable”.

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