Tom Hanks and His Wife Has Been Infected with Coronavirus Before Coming to Australia

Authorities in Queensland (Australia) have released information about the latest seven cases of coronavirus they are treating.

On March 12, Tom Hanks confirmed on his personal page that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were positive for the coronavirus. After the aches and pains have a mild fever, they go to the clinic together and are found sick.

According to Australian authorities, two Hollywood stars were infected before coming to the country. In its official posting on Facebook, the Queensland Department of Health wrote: “At this moment, we believe that the latest seven cases have been contracted from outside Australia, and they arrived in Queensland when they had the virus. All are being well cared for in hospitals across Queensland. ”

Queensland Department of Health said Tom Hanks and his wife had been infected with Covid-19 before the two arrived in Australia.

Without naming Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the next post revealed the status of the two stars. Queensland Health Department writes: “A 63-year-old man is in isolation at Gold Coast Hospital and is in stable condition.” The woman accompanying him was also in the same hospital with the same situation.

Previously, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson traveled to Australia to participate in the pre-production process for the biopic about Elvis Presley, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Some previous sources said that Hanks infected the virus from a member of the delegation.

After the news that two stars were infected, the movie project was immediately halted. Producer Warner Bros. said they are working closely with local authorities to verify who has been in contact with Hanks and Wilson. The government also called on anyone who came into contact with the two stars to isolate themselves or get tested during this time.

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