White House: President Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus

White House doctor, Sean Conley, said test results on March 14 showed that President Donald Trump was negative for coronavirus.

Reuters leads the physician informed the White House said Sean Conley 14/3 day President American Donald Trump tested negative for the new strain of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

“Last night, after a deep discussion with the President about Covid-19 (coronavirus disease), he decided to conduct a test. By tonight, I had received confirmation that the test was negative,” he said. Conley wrote in his March 14 notice. The White House doctor also said that President Trump had no symptoms within 1 week of meeting some Brazilian people, who had just been confirmed positive this week, attending a dinner party in Mar- Lago.

President Donald Trump held a press conference at the White House on March 14 about responding to the coronavirus in the US.

Earlier, during a press conference on the morning of March 14 at the White House, President Trump said he had been tested for coronavirus on the evening of March 13 but did not know when the results would be announced.

The White House announced on the same day the temperature test of all those close to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as a precaution between the Covid-19 epidemic.

President Trump said on Friday that he “would most likely” get tested for coronavirus after reaching out to a few people positive for coronavirus in the past 10 days. The White House doctor later issued a statement saying Mr. Trump had “no symptoms” so no testing was needed.

Fábio Wajngarten, Bolsonaro’s press secretary, was told by Brazilian media on March 12 that he had been tested positive for the virus after returning home from a trip with President Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, March 7.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said on March 12 that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence “had almost no contact” with President Bolsonora’s senior adviser.

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