9 External Qualities of Women, from Which Men are Crazy because of Their Instincts

When you ask men what they first of all pay attention to in a woman’s appearance, usually the answers revolve around the chest, hips, and smiles. But if the first is not so simple and the habit of thinking that big breasts is a priority, in fact, turns out to be nothing more than a stereotype, then the attractiveness of the remaining “details” of female appearance is indeed confirmed by many studies. And this is due, as a rule, not to the banal superficiality of perception, but to deep biological processes and attitudes.

Happy Worthy Life examined this issue in detail, choose the most frequently called external qualities of women that attract a stronger sex, and put their importance on the shelves.

1. Long hair

According to studies, men prefer women with long, thick and shiny hair. It turned out that they subconsciously consider this an indicator of good health and the presence of vital energy. And even more than that – a sign of fertility.

This is also stated in the book by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa, “Why Do Beautiful People Have Many Daughters”: “One indicator of health is physical attractiveness and the other is hair. Healthy women have invariably shiny hair, while the hair of people with poor health lack such a shine. ”

In other words, perhaps you should think twice before making a haircut like a pixie. But still, the main thing is to be yourself. Therefore, if you feel much better and more attractive with short hair – go for it and do not focus strictly on the opinion of most men. There are always many exceptions to any rule.

2. Special smell

Most of us are aware of pheromones — the “chemical signals” emitted by our bodies. But it is unlikely that many guessed that they were unconsciously used by people and in order to determine the most genetically compatible partner.

Studies have shown that pheromones provide a variety of information about a person, including that regarding the health of his immune system. Thus, men are able to identify women with a better immune system by smell. This works in the opposite direction: women are able to determine the level of testosterone by pheromones. And all these abilities are needed, of course, in order to produce healthy offspring in the future.

3. Symmetry of the face

So, beauty standards are sometimes calculated even mathematically. In one of the articles, we already talked about the parameters of an ideal female face and what calculations are used to determine them. The symmetry of the face is of paramount importance in determining the attractiveness of a woman. And men subconsciously pay attention to these criteria, because they are a sign of good genes. Asymmetry, on the contrary, is associated with poor health, poor genes, and even with abnormalities of the reproductive organs.

Creatures in the wild pay attention to symmetry. For example, female swallows prefer males with symmetrical tails, as this is also a sign of superior genetics.

4. The color of the teeth

Studying the effect of a person’s smile on his attractiveness, scientists using digital manipulations changed the condition and distance of teeth in photographs and suggested that subjects be familiar with them: men were shown to women, and vice versa. As a result, it turned out that the condition of the woman’s teeth is of particular importance to the male, since this gives a conditional idea of ​​her “residual reproductive value” regardless of age.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat and whiten your teeth, but don’t get too carried away with it. After all, the study also showed that naturally white teeth and the so-called Hollywood smile are evaluated approximately the same, it is only important not to let the teeth openly go bad and turn yellow.

5. Long arms

This is one of those physical attributes that you either possess or not. However, it is curious to know that men find long arms even more attractive than “legs from the ears.”

In a study by scientists from the University of New South Wales, men were asked to watch video files with 96 women between the ages of 20 and 49. Then it was necessary to evaluate each of them in appearance. The results showed that women with long arms were rated as the most attractive each time. Hips and waists were also important, along with weight and age. Moreover, the length of the legs, the value of which even now seems to many girls important, did not significantly affect the assessment.

6. High voice

Studies show that men prefer a high female voice, as it is perceived as more youthful and feminine, and also indicates a high level of estrogen. A high voice also implies a smaller body size, while a low key is usually more associated with masculinity, which is why women love men with such a voice, as they subconsciously imagine a large and strong person.

Scientists note that in animals, the pitch and tone of the sounds emitted also matter. A deep, uterine growl usually signals a larger animal, and a light and clear tone, similar to the chirping of an insect, indicates a small size and most often helplessness. Perhaps men prefer high voices for this reason.

7. Bending of the spine

It’s no secret that men love delicious female forms. Only a more detailed study of this issue shows that everything is not entirely simple. In fact, forms that are created due to a certain deflection in the lower back, and not those that are formed due to excess weight, are considered attractive.

Psychologist David Lewis from Bilkent University conducted 2 experiments. In the first hundred men, it was proposed to evaluate the attractiveness of women in the photo, whose figures underwent a digital change in the lumbar region (different angles of deflection were shown). The most beautiful men considered an approximately 45-degree angle. In the second test, the scientist decided to find out for sure whether the subjects prefer this option, because with it the buttocks are stronger, or the beauty still lies directly in the bend of the back. During this check, the fact that the bend itself is attractive is also confirmed, moreover, regardless of the size of the buttocks.

8. Red color

A study by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta showed that a specific male response to red can also be biologically programmed. This is evidenced by the fact that the same thing works in the animal kingdom, where this color usually indicates a willingness to mate.

In the preface to the study, Elliot and Niesta write: “In many primates, the red color enhances the attractiveness of females to males. The parallel effect in humans is demonstrated in our 5 studies. ” The authors of the work also found that men, as a rule, do not even suspect how this color affects them, as well as the fact that it does not affect the perception of each other by women at all.

9. Proportions 7:10

One of the most well-known physical attributes that men pay attention to is wide hips. According to scientists, men especially prefer a waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10, as it is primarily considered ideal for childbearing. Deviation of the ratio to the lower side may indicate possible complications in the process of childbirth, but to the larger it signals possible fertility problems caused by being overweight.

Of course, men do not necessarily understand or acknowledge that they are deliberately seeking this particular coefficient. In fact, few men understand in principle that they subconsciously give preference to women who are able to produce healthy offspring, since these are all subconscious processes. Nevertheless, it is not possible to deny the role of instincts in this matter in the presence of a multitude of scientific evidence.

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