13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

According to statistics, people spend 90 thousand hours at work, or a third of their lives. Of course, we all work for money, but moral satisfaction, a good team, comfortable conditions and just the human attitude of the authorities are just as important. In order not to spend your precious third of life on toxic work, it is important to figure out an unscrupulous enterprise at the interview stage.

We at Happy Worthy Life carefully studied the tactics of HR officers and tell you in which case you need to run away from the interview without looking back.

1. Obtrusive advertise a place of work

An unscrupulous recruiter promises you an unbelievably high salary, but at the same time avoids any specifics. For example, the direct question “How are vacation pay paid?” The personnel officer replies, “These are decent amounts, we definitely won’t offend you.”

The second alarming sign – eychar strongly advises you to fill out a questionnaire right now and immediately give an answer so as not to miss a brilliant chance. Perhaps the personnel officer is trying to fulfill his hiring plan or simply no one wants to go to this enterprise.

2. Response to the resume

A conscientious company will not make you wait – a letter will come in response to the resume, which will describe in detail the process of processing the request. And after the interview, the results are reported quickly and do not drag for months.

It does not hurt to analyze the tone of the invitation to an interview: is it really inviting or does it sound like a subpoena? Do personnel agree to adjust to your schedule and, if you come from another city, pay for the trip? All these little things even before hiring help to understand how much the company appreciates its employees.

3. The interview ends too quickly

13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview
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Probably everyone dreams of being hired to work without unnecessary ceremonies. However, the fact that your interview lasts 5-10 minutes is not good. Either they have already taken someone to this place and are talking with you for a pro forma, or the place is so terrible that the personnel officers are glad that you even came.

On the other hand, there are organizations that conduct multi-hour step-by-step interviews, exhausting the soul. Usually these are very bureaucratic structures where you have to fill in a lot of unnecessary documents.

4. Invite to an interview in an atypical place

Sometimes personnel officers look for a candidate for the position of a person who has not even been fired yet. You may be offered to be interviewed in a cafe, for a walk or outside school hours (on weekends, early in the morning).

Experienced headhunters do not recommend accepting such offers for 3 reasons. Firstly, your future colleagues will look at you as a person who stuck a knife into the back of an unsuspecting employee (although you never saw him in your eyes). Secondly, you miss the opportunity to evaluate the atmosphere in the office. And finally, thirdly, where is the certainty that they will not do the same to you?

5. The boss’s behavior raises big questions

13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

Boss with lordly manners – grief in the office. If your future boss behaves like a medieval feudal lord (chasing employees for coffee, comes up with derogatory nicknames, introduces an illogical reward system), then your salary will completely depend on his mood.

A few words about penalties for behavior. In modern enterprises, monetary penalties are unacceptable – in the end, you are not a six-year-old, who needs to be put in a corner.

6. A huge queue lined up for an interview

If a dozen or more candidates are crammed into the interview room, things are amiss. This means that the company is experiencing personnel problems. It is unlikely that you will like the place where people run sparkling with their heels.

The second possible option is fraudulent schemes. Networkers who sell grandmothers another miraculous appliance or cosmetics, convene several dozen people at a time for an interview in the hope that someone from those who come will be interested in a vacancy.

7. The personnel officer asks intimate questions

13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

A professional personnel officer will never go into the personal life of the applicant. Questions about the planned pregnancy, finances, health status, sexual orientation and religious affiliation are strict taboos. In some countries, the law even prohibits interest in the age of the future employee in order to avoid discrimination.

Unfortunately, such inappropriate interview questions are still not uncommon. Experienced say that you may not answer such a question at all or say something like “This does not affect my performance in any way” / “I am used to sharing work and personal life.”

8. There are trigger words in the ad

“The shortest interview in my life:

  • How do you feel about processing?
  • I am quite normal. Will you pay for them?

“Why are you all looking at these moments through the prism of money ?!”

“Why are you all looking at these moments through the prism of a freebie ?!”

“You don’t suit us.” Bye”. dimadei4ik / Pikabu

Already by recruitment announcement you can find out what awaits you at your new job. Phrases like “You have to work in a friendly team”, “We expect flexibility and responsibility from you” – these are actually alarming calls.

The emphasis on teamwork suggests that it’s almost impossible to get upstairs at a new place of work and you will remain part of the “large and friendly team”.

When the employer says: “Flexibility will be required of you”, then stress, confusion and personnel changes await you. “Responsibility” in the language of the employer often means that they will make a scapegoat out of you in a new place.

9. The room where the office is located is alarming, and the employees do not look happy with life

13 Psychological Tricks That Unscrupulous Employers Use in an Interview

If you came for an interview and found that the office is located in a basement lit by a dim light, and a battered sheet of paper is hanging on the door instead of a sign, do not waste time talking. An unsettled workspace without offices, with old office equipment and lounging employees suggests that the employer absolutely does not care about his subordinates.

Look at your future colleagues and appreciate their body language: are they calm, don’t pull their heads into the shoulders when a chef appears, have you been friendly and are calmly talking to each other? Great, this place is right for you. Gloomy, carelessly dressed people with an expression of universal sadness on their faces are a sign that the employer is mercilessly exploiting his subordinates.

10. Ready to accept everyone indiscriminately

With the help of incorrect ads, a dishonest employer can drag you into a fraudulent scheme. Unlucky job seekers are lured into financial pyramids, forced to pay for an interview, or left without a salary after the first month worked.

The main sign of a fraudulent scheme is an “omnivorous” ad. It looks something like this: “Work in the office or at home with a free schedule, salary from $ 2000 thousand dollars. Education and experience do not matter. Age – from 18 to 70. “

Of course, such work does not exist in the world and not a single employer who is sober will pay decent amounts to lay people for trifling work. Business experts give simple advice: check suspicious companies on the Internet, read the reviews of those who managed to attend the interview.

11. Asking for a copy of your passport or other documents

A decent employer will never ask you to provide passport / TIN / SNILS scans at the stage of consideration of a candidate. Reception of documents is carried out only in the personnel department and nothing else.

Such carelessness is fraught with problems – your personal data can get to dishonest people. As a result, you will become the “owner” of the loan or the director of the company for money laundering.

12. The personnel officer makes you take tests that are not related to future work

“A couple of months ago I came across an offer from one company with a salary of 1000 thousand $ (for our city, the salary is huge). Without thinking twice, I sent my resume, and I was invited for an interview. They offered to take a written test, which lasted an hour and a half, more like an exam. But what can’t you do for the sake of the prospect of receiving ₽ 80 thousand. The next day they called me and told me in a joyful voice that they had accepted me, because I passed the test perfectly. But there is one small nuance: they will pay me not $ 1000 but $ 200. To my fair “What?” The girl explained that they specifically set this figure because people refused to take the test for an hour and a half. When I refused the tempting offer to wipe my pants in their amazing office, I was scolded for their commercialism and lack of dedication. ”

Recruitment experts say that the employer shows his best qualities precisely during the interview. If you notice the slightest hint of neglect, you should know that it won’t get any better.

When a future employee is forced to undergo exhausting hours-long tests, which do not apply to work, it means that your professional qualities are of no interest to anyone. Or the eychar does not know what to ask you about, and simply creates the appearance of work. You may be asked to solve logic puzzles, fill in numbers, play a guessing game – all this is completely unprofessional.

13. Parking in front of the office is clogged with management cars

Business speaker Mile Kerr shared a life hack that will help you determine at a glance how the company treats ordinary employees. If in the parking lot of the office half of the seats are reserved for management, then the organization is strictly hierarchical. Surely the director will have a dozen deputies here, and it is almost impossible for an ordinary employee to break through to the top.

Have you ever met employers from whom you wanted to run faster than the wind during an interview?

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