15+ Examples of Quality Advertising Created by Real Professionals

Social and commercial ads have different goals. The first one talks about burning issues and problems, the second one seeks to sell a certain product. But the authors of both understand that there is only one way to achieve these goals – by drawing our attention to the poster or video they create. Oftentimes, ads only have a few seconds to pique our interest.


We decided to show you posters that coped with this task perfectly. Read the article to the end, because the bonus includes a video starring Timothy Chalamet, which has already been watched by more than 2 million people on YouTube.

1. Tree Planting Day poster: “If we have so much in common, why do we care so little about nature?”

2. Mattress store: “If there was no sleep, there would be no periodic table.”

3. The hashtag #SuperbOwl (“super owl”) instead of #SuperBowl (the name of the final game in American football) draws attention to these beautiful birds “

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4. Helpline: “Just call”

5. Advertising of the photo studio: “Your baby is a work of art”


6. “You are not Britney either. Adopt a mult. They will love you the way you are “

7. McCafé advertising

8. Lexus: “Look at the road”

9. Radio station 104 FM: “Every love story has a soundtrack”

15+ Examples of Quality Advertising Created by Real Professionals
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10. Canadian public service advertisement: “Do not eat while driving, it could lead to an accident.”

11. “Buy straws that never end up in the ocean”

12. Downy Laundry Conditioner: “You don’t need that many clothes to change the world.”


13. “Nature signals that the damage done to her is real. In 1979, 40 billion tons of glaciers melted, in 2017 – 252 billion “

14. French advertisement for McDrive

15. Jeep: “Reconnect with Adventure”

16. PlayStation ad: “The game has no age and no limit”

17. IKEA: “Tomorrow Starts Tonight”

Bonus: Cadillac commercial featuring Edward’s son Scissorhands

Have you seen quality ads lately? Tell us about that.

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