15 Secrets Advertising you Never Know – Behind the Scenes

We have long learned how to separate the grain from the chaff and not believe in verbal advertising promises. However, visual images continue to work as they should: seeing a freshly prepared hamburger on the screen, we feel hungry, steam from a coffee mug makes us imagine the coffee aroma, and the girl’s chic hair from shampoo ads envy.

We at Happy Worthy Life collected the most popular advertising tricks that even inveterate skeptics believe.

Conscientious fast food chains shoot real burgers in commercials, but …

They are different from what we can get in a restaurant. They are simply correctly “collected”. “Big Mac” for the McDonald’s photo shoot is prepared directly in the studio from the same products as a regular sandwich in an institution. The secret is that the ingredients are laid out so that all of them are visible. For this, the buns are moved a little back. If necessary, add ketchup and melt the corners of the cheese.

Food stylist Mary Valentine argues that using inedible substances for promotional food photos is an outdated and unethical practice. More and more people are inclined to demand that their dish look the same as in the picture.

Unfinished products are used for fast food photos.

Food stylist Ellie Stern says she prefers to use uncooked meatballs in hamburger ads. So they look more magnificent.

Coffee foam is made using an aquarium filter

Surely many have heard that advertising foam is made from inedible things – detergent for dishes or washing powder. It is not known how popular this practice is, but for videos in which the actor has to take a sip of coffee, this is clearly not suitable.

In such cases, the foam is made using instant coffee, an edible foaming agent and an aquarium filter. Then, using a syringe, the excess bubbles burst or combine with each other. Painstaking work!

Tea is tinted with food coloring and brewed in alcohol

Dry tea is placed in boiling water and food color of saturated red-brown tones is added there. Then the tea leaves are dried with a hairdryer and again placed in liquid, only this time not in water, but in alcohol. In it, tea leaves get rid of dye faster, which creates a brewing effect. A beautiful whirlwind dance in a teapot or glass is done using a special propeller at the bottom of the dishes.

The water in the pan doesn’t really boil

If in the advertising of quick soups, noodles or pasta they used real boiling water, the camera would be fogged up. It may take a lot of takes, and the water boils away, in addition there is a danger of burns. Therefore, “boiling” water in an advertisement is created using a compressor, which pumps air through it through tubes connected to the bottom of the pan.

The steam from the food plate is done using a smoke machine

The plate is cut off the bottom. Then, what is left of it is placed on a plastic “pedestal” with holes, inside which there is a smoke machine. Inside the plate is laid out food. Smoke is fed remotely, and its amount can be adjusted.

Do not put meat in dumplings for ads

Minced meat shines through the dough, giving the dumplings an unattractive greenish hue, so instead of meat, an inedible substance is put there , which is tinted with iodine or solid oil.

To make the bottle appear foggy, spray it with deodorant

Using a spray with glycerin add “condensate”. Artificial ice is also sometimes used. To remove the effective opening of the bottle, it is fixed on a tripod, since for close-up it should be motionless. If the double was unsuccessful – it’s okay, the lid will be returned to its place using the bottle capper.

In beer advertising, it’s usually important to show foam. Given the trend towards naturalness, they try not to put chemicals in beer, but whip the foam with a pinch of salt and a cocktail mixer or a regular spoon.

Special robots help to shoot commercials

15 Secrets Advertising you Never Know - Behind the Scenes

They know how to pour drinks.

It is beautiful to collect sandwiches and desserts.

Effectively spray mustard, ketchup, milk and other liquids.

And also spray paint and much more.

In shampoo ads, a beautiful hair movement is created using a chroma key and a person in a green leotard

With special sticks, they lift the hair of the model, and with the help of a hoop they create the effect of springy hair when walking.

Long hair is often fake.

Beautiful long hair in advertisements is most likely artificial. A common trick is to show the girl who is lying with her shiny curls flowing. But usually they do not belong to her. Also, we will never achieve such a glossy shine as the girls from shampoo ads, because the point is not in it at all, but in the proper lighting and mirrors.

To create a volume that hair washed with an advertised shampoo will certainly gain, balls of foam are attached under the hair.

To the cat ran in the right direction, use its carrying

Forcing a cat to execute commands is an almost impossible task. More often resort to tricks. For example, in order for a cat to run in the right direction (towards a bowl with food), they put its carrying behind a bowl . The cat sees a safe place – “house” – and runs to him.

Blackbird stunt car is used in car advertising, and the exterior and interior are finished on a computer

With the help of computer settings, the Blackbird car can be given any technical specifications. The wheelbase can be made shorter or longer, increase or decrease the clearance, put the wheels of almost any diameter.

Girls lying in the bath stay dry

Filming a commercial can take several hours. If the actress is stripped and put in a real bath, she will freeze. In addition, steamed skin will not look so attractive, and the camera will fog up from steam. Therefore , there is no water in the bath.

The actress exposes only the shoulders, everything else is hermetically sealed in plastic film. Something soft is laid in the bath, and the girl is covered with a white cloth on top. After that, the bathtub is filled with foam using the same machine used at foam parties.

Do you think the use of such tricks is justified in advertising, which are designed to evoke the necessary emotions in us, the audience, or is the trend towards naturalness closer to you? Where is the line that cannot be crossed, creating a visual image of a product?

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