17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

The creators of advertising understand that they have only a few seconds to capture our attention. That is why they are trying to invest in every campaign all the talent, originality and dexterity that they have. When everything works out, we have the opportunity to admire the real masterpieces of advertising.

In the new selection from Happy Worthy Life, just such examples of the work of masters of their profession are waiting for you.

1. McDonald’s: “That’s what I love”

2. Tele2: “We make small business stronger”

17 Examples of Catchy Advertising Created by Professionals

3. Focus Optics Store: “Focus on the sensations”

4. Continental Tires: “Weather Forecast: Safety”

5. Coca-Cola: “Try the Feelings”

6. iPack: “Smart Packaging”

7. The campaign against ageism

“Courage never gets old”, “Creativity never gets old.”

8. WWF: “A small gift for a big deal. Gazelles became extinct in Georgia in the 60s of the last century. But thanks to donations to the recovery program, the 5th generation of these animals has already been born. ”

9. Sofia International Literary Festival: “A language that helps them gain a voice. Literature in French. Revolution on 5 continents ”

10. Ford: “As long as you see it, it’s not too late. Ford Ranger – 2020 with autonomous emergency braking when recognizing a pedestrian »

11. Advertising fabric softener

12. Transavia Flights at Low Prices: “A Gift for Christmas after Christmas”

13. Chupa Chups: “Happy Valentine’s Day”

14. Advertising for special food for animals: “Pregnant cows are more fragile than you think”

15. Farnham: “A bit bitter”

16. Mania: “Summer took us by surprise. Sale of the summer collection in February »

17. McCafé

What original advertising have you seen lately?

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