19 Examples of Social Advertising but Beyond that is Social Status

Social advertising are ads with many other content. But the social advertising we talking about is what society is facing and what we are facing. We are all so tired of the same type of commercials, elaborate slogans and bright pictures that we often stop noticing them. We pass by the catchy poster and turn off the TV for the duration of the break in the broadcast of your favorite program. But still there is an advertisement worthy of close attention. She does not promise a bright future, talks about problems and awakens a caring person in us.


At Happy Worthy Life, we are online every day, browsing tons of information, and sometimes run into advertising campaigns that hurt everyone. Today we want to show you examples of social advertising that can cause laughter, surprise and even shock, but they certainly will not leave you indifferent.

1. What would happen if Einstein were just a pizza delivery man?

Campaign to support the ETH University Scholarship Program in Zurich. The slogan reads: “Brilliant minds should not be distracted from study, working part-time.”

2. It looks funny, but really sad

An awareness campaign by the Enable Foundation Hong Kong to teach people how to recognize signs of dementia. Campaign slogan: “Surrealistic in dementia is reality.”

3. Previously, there were saw fish, hedgehog fish and clown fish, and now fish bottles are increasingly found

Integrated advertising created by Aldeilis, Iceland. The poster is based on UN studies confirming that at the current rate of ocean pollution in 2050, water bodies will contain as many kilograms of plastic as fish.

4. “Share your food”

A print ad for the GPS Humanitarian Fund, which helps poor Brazilians get clothing and food.


5. The lion is not a clown, he is a wild beast

WWF Campaign Initiated to Combat Animal Abuse Its slogan is: “Your entertainment or my life.”

6. The life of some children is more difficult than we can imagine.

The Amen Autism Center information campaign in Jordan recalls helping children with autism is difficult, but possible. She passed under the slogan “Help me find a way out.”


7. Do you cut it straight?

Hey Girls’ UK social campaign has been launched to focus on the link between feminine hygiene and poverty. This two-sided advertising poster appeared in the Metro newspaper in 2018. On the one hand, a contour of a sanitary towel was drawn with the call “Do it yourself.” And on the back, a shocking message was written that every 10th girl in the UK for some reason can not afford hygiene products, so every month she is forced to make pads from toilet paper, socks or a newspaper.

8. Traces of human activity are sometimes invisible, but always entail consequences

A campaign organized by Greenpeace, designed to draw attention to the problems of the interaction of man and nature. Slogan: “Do we leave such an imprint?”

9. “About 21% of people on the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean believe in the existence of a snow man. 27% of people believe that climate change is fiction.”

The comically illustrated Climate Reality Group information campaign about the serious problem of global climate change.

10. Sometimes someone’s death saves someone’s life

19 Examples of Social Advertising but Beyond that is Social Status
© France ADOT / adsoftheworld  

The France ADOT information campaign, in its advertising poster and slogan, recalls that thousands of people owe their lives to organ donors.


11. Not an assembled puzzle, but a “disassembled” person

The German Alzheimer Forschung awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about Alzheimer’s. “Piece by piece, Alzheimer’s takes memory. Help us win the battle. “

12. “A right-click on a computer mouse cannot save the red panda. Acceptance of the problem of its disappearance – may”

WBZA Indian Fund Initiative to Protect Endangered Species.


13. Stereotypes still dominate women in some countries.

Campaign in support of women’s rights in the UAE. The inscription on the poster: “A woman should: stay home / be a slave / be in the kitchen / keep quiet in the church.”

14. “She said she wanted to sleep, but at that time she was drowning.”

Social advertising designed to raise public awareness of “secondary drowning”. Campaign slogan: “Do you know that your child may experience drowning symptoms after leaving the water?”

15. Not all smiling people are equally kind

Advertising at a Paris airport warns: “Illegal taxis hide real risks.”

16. Depression can be completely invisible from the outside.

An Indian social campaign aimed at drawing attention to the problems of depression and suicide demonstrates how someone’s high expectations can affect a person’s mental health.

17. What should not be ashamed

A social campaign in Egypt, which says that a woman should not make excuses and apologize for the natural processes that occur monthly in her body, as well as be ashamed of them.

18. “Hands may remain clean during construction.”

An advertising campaign aimed at combating corruption in the construction sector.

19. It’s not enough just to be near

An advertising campaign that draws attention to a person’s attachment to electronic devices. Her slogan: “Digital addiction exists. Only you do not see it. “

Have you come across really strong social advertising? Do you think that society needs it?

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