5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is booming today. The choice of exclusive items and niche design solutions for the wardrobe is wide and meets any needs. But brand prices are very different in boutiques and online stores. Many questions arise in my head: how the original really looks, why local designers stick Chinese tags to clothes, and most importantly, why a plain-looking blouse can cost more than $ 100.


In fact, distinguishing a real brand from a fake is not easy. Recall at least the “shuttle” bags of the Louis Vuitton collection: not everyone believed that haute couture also happens. We at Happy Worthy Life have plunged into this topic and decided to list the main signs that the showroom gives out products purchased on a Chinese site for a designer item.

The consultant does not give a clear answer to the question of who sews clothes, mumbles about “partners in China”

5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
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So, you went to the showroom and saw a lot of beautiful clothes. To begin, ask a leading question to the consultant. For example, where do these outfits sew and who is the designer. A seller who guarantees quality will give clear answers. If the consultant looks away and mutters something like “didn’t specify, but the quality is good” or “the hostess buys everything herself,” you should be wary. Origin sellers are too proud of their product to not tell the customer about it.

Typically, clothing labels in such boutiques show their own production or a manufacturing country with a high reputation (for example, Korea). However, there are also “Made in China” tags. Perhaps by mistake they did not have time to cut. Feel free to clarify where all these clothes are released. It is very likely that you will receive a lengthy answer about some “Chinese partners who sew a certain part of the pattern.” Decide if there is a place for this exclusive in your wardrobe.

In the showroom they sell everything: from underwear to down jackets – you need to beware

If the assortment of the showroom is diverse: from shorts to fur coats, from home clothes to business clothes, the likelihood that this is developed by one brand (from an idea and a sketch to the final production) is extremely small. To create so many things, you need to have a lot of labor. China is famous for this.


A thread sticks out / a seam diverges – before you is a fake

5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
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When choosing clothes in the showroom, always carefully check the cut quality, see if the threads stick out, how the seams are processed. Some consultants, in a rush to make amends for the defective thing, offer “to process everything right now.” And sometimes you can hear such an explanation: “This is our new collection, and we did not have time to trim the excess.” These words once again confirm that the item was ordered on a Chinese site.


In addition, it is worthwhile to carefully study the composition of the fabric. In China, there are quality items, and made from inexpensive material. Sometimes, in pursuit of profit, resellers make a deal with conscience and purchase cheap goods, which they later sell at a huge margin.

4. Things from Italy and the USA on a prepaid basis – alas, this is also an AliExpress marker

In addition to physically existing showrooms on the Internet, you can find hundreds of online stores of branded items. Finding a fake here is more difficult, since there is no way to see and touch the clothes before making a purchase.

The work of such a prepaid boutique is one of the signs that may alert the buyer. That is, the order of the promised American or European clothing is possible only after full payment of the purchase. Typically, branded stores do not function that way. But for a reseller with AliExpress, this is a working scheme: he receives money, takes most of it, makes an order for the rest in China. Customer focus is zero, but revenue is 5 times.

To top it off, they can even send them to the post office, where they will pick up the “European exclusive” in the package of Chinese Taobao.


5. Chinese jewelry is given as an elite handmade

5 Signs Fashion Showroom Selling Things On AliExpress
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There is a smaller, but no less sophisticated Internet business – the sale of Chinese jewelry as unique products of local craftsmen. Sellers buy jewelry for nothing, cut tags (this item is the most important, you guessed it) and attach the label “handmade”. Thus, with a flick of the wrist, glass pendants and rings turn into an exclusive handmade. Checked by photo on Google.

How to check the showroom and protect yourself from cheating

Before you make a purchase, read the reviews. Usually people who have already stepped on a rake willingly warn others. Showrooms are outraged by negative reviews: they say that competitors want to slander them. Maybe. But not in cases where there are more bad reviews than good ones.


Among the customer feedback there are comments in which there is no claim to the quality of clothes, but in many there is a repeating word “China”. Some find analogues of such products in Chinese Taobao and Joom, while others just accidentally discover an uncut label mentioning the country of origin. Interestingly, many do not mind wearing a thing sewn in China. The only upset is the deception of boutique owners who assure that they are selling exclusive, and therefore the price is so high.

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The question arises: why, as a rule, a thing ordered on AliExpress looks much simpler than the same one in the showroom? You involuntarily catch yourself thinking: maybe the originals are still being sold in boutiques, but on fake their fakes? This is not so, and there is a simple explanation.

  • The showroom uses instagram filters, photoshop, color grading and thousands of other photo editors to give the model a gloss and glamor.
  • The fashion model who demonstrates the thing has good proportions and appearance, which are brought to the ideal by the tricks of makeup artists and photoshop editors.
  • Models photographed in static. As soon as the girls change their position, the clothes will not sit so beautifully. And all the sets are skillfully tightened with pins and sewn on the back with threads that are not visible in the photo.

Have you encountered any misunderstandings in the form of “designer outfits” for fabulous money and their analogues on AliExpress? Perhaps you also have proven ways to distinguish an original from a fake?

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