16 Art Restoration From Masterly Rescuers of Paintings

A art restoration can be compared to a neurosurgeon who has no right to make a mistake. If you choose the wrong solvent to remove the old darkened layer of varnish, then you can remove the entire picture from a centuries-old canvas with one sweep. The restoration does not endure haste and does not forgive inattention. That is why the restoration of 1 cm of the picture from the master can take as long as six months. The restorer’s task is not to make the picture like a “new penny”, but to lighten and save time.

“Woman in Red” (1618) 200 years languished under a thick layer of varnish, until Philip Mold removed it and showed the world what it looked like 400 years ago

The restorer used a special solution that washes away the varnish without damaging the paint.

16 Art Restoration From Masterly Rescuers of Paintings
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Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago documents the process of removing a discolored natural resin varnish from a portrait of twin sisters.

16 Art Restoration From Masterly Rescuers of Paintings
Baumgartner Restoration / Youtube  

Christ of Jan van Hemessen (16th century) was recognized as too provocative. He was painted in dark colors, added a robe. Today we see the original again

The portrait of Isabella de’ Medici (16th century) was nearly destroyed, due to the fact that the 19th century restorer changed it beyond recognition

On the left is a portrait after restoration in the 19th century, on the right is a restored original.

Babadin Valerian Vitalievich (XIX – XX century). The painting was received for restoration in disrepair. The canvas is removed from the stretcher, the author’s stretcher in a damaged condition.

The portrait of Princess Henrietta Anne Stuart (1665) was cleaned of old varnish, dirt, all damage was filled and a retouching was done.

A charming late 18th Century portrait of a Girl was rescued from a layer of darkened varnish, returning light tones and lightness to the image

The lost portrait of Charles Dickens (1843), painted by Margaret Gillis, we first encountered it from a sale of knick-knacks in South Africa. And then rescued from a layer of Mold.

Portrait of the Italian artist Emma Gaggotti (XIX century). The painting was cleaned of old varnish and restored after previous unsuccessful conservation work.

After restoration of the picture, you can literally feel how the morning light floods the castle depicted on it

What the mysterious 400 year old Prince Henry looked like before (with cleaning tests) and after cleaning.

Holy Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, XIX century

The result of the work of the Spanish restorer Jose Nieva, who bring back to life a wonderful picture in the Baroque style

After removing the old varnish, the picture began to play bright colors again.

And this process really looks like magic

16 Art Restoration From Masterly Rescuers of Paintings
Baumgartner Restoration / Youtube  
16 Art Restoration From Masterly Rescuers of Paintings
 Baumgartner Restoration / Youtube  

Have you ever used the services of a restorer? or You have any art restoration. Maybe you yourself tried to bring some old thing back to life?

What do you think?

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