20+ Pictures of Petersburg Cottages That Look Like Work of Art

It is believed that the first cottages appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century in the Petrine era. Of course, then they were fundamentally different from sites with small houses, where we now come to fry kebabs or work on the beds. At that time, these were estates near Petersburg, which the tsar granted (he gave, hence the word “dacha”) to his close associates for good service. This was done so that officials were always at hand with Peter and to settle in the suburbs of the young city.

Benoit Cottage in Peterhof

Cottage Krivdina in the Resort on the photos of local historians

House in Komarovo

Chirikov’s cottage in Komarovo

Herbik’s dacha in Sestroretsk

Shlyapnikov cottage in Komarovo

Levy’s cottage in Zelenogorsk

House in Vyritsa

Cottage Cana in Sestroretsk

Sandina’s cottage in Komarovo

House in Fox Nose

Yukhnevich cottage in Komarovo

Crohn’s dacha in Peterhof

Cottage in the Sand

Gromov’s cottage in the Lopukhinsky garden

Slobodzinsky’s dacha in Zelenogorsk

The house of the head of the Officers Rifle School Leonty Vasilyevich Gaponov in Lomonosovo

Villa “Ainola” in Zelenogorsk

Cottage Krecheva in Sestroretsk

Country house Zmigrodsky

Cottage Shikhina in Komarovo

Musera’s dacha in Zelenogorsk

Cottage Treziac in Olgino

Cottage of the mother-in-law of the architect Shaub, Adeline Fedorovna Tasheyt, in Olgino

Which of the old cottages captivated you the most?

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