10 Mistakes That Prevent Us From Looking Perfect

Looking amazing every day 24 hours a day is a huge job. It is especially disappointing when all efforts are wasted because of one annoying misunderstanding.

We at Happy Worthy Life decided to collect all these mistakes in one list and finally remember what to do in order to always attract admiring glances.

1. Fees at the last moment

In my head the question “What to wear today?”, In one hand a cup of cold coffee, in the other a brush for blush – and being late for work can no longer be avoided. Familiar situation? It’s not up to perfection here. But everything would be much easier if you prepared from the evening of the previous day.

2. Clothes not for the weather

Not for the season, but for the weather. Because if it rains, even in December a mink coat will not decorate anyone. And thin bodily stockings in cold weather are also not the best choice. It is better to save your health and learn to dress stylishly but warmly in winter. And in your closet, make a clear division into warm and light things. And those that do not fit now, move away.

3. Clothes out of place

Stiletto heels on paving stones while traveling or wearing a cocktail dress to work. Price and brand are not important, it is simply out of place and not for the occasion. In the end, this is inconvenient. It will be helpful to know the dress code and format of the event in advance. Do not let the desire to “walk” another new thing as soon as possible prevail over common sense.

4. Clothes are out of size and out of shape

Surely everyone has jeans in their closets that we dream of someday getting into. The main thing is not to put them on ahead of time. And do not chase sales and trendy trends of the season. Because of them, things may appear in the wardrobe that are “quite a bit, almost imperceptibly” small, large, or completely contraindicated for your body type.

5. Minor flaws

A rumpled look, spools, a small speck, a sticking thread or the hair of a favorite cat. You can not attach importance to this and think that no one will notice. And it is better to always carry a compact roller with Velcro and an “emergency kit” with safety pins, a needle and thread in your purse. And, ideally, give up things that wrinkle easily.

6. Lack of accessories

Even simple jeans and a sweater can look incredibly chic. It’s all about the accessories. But you need to be able to choose them correctly. It can be just one detail: a scarf, belt or even jewelry. The main thing is that there is not too much of it and that it does not copy precious metals.

7. Poor quality materials

Cheap synthetics and looks cheap. Because it quickly crumples, loses its shape and gets dirty. High-quality knitwear, cotton, chiffon, silk, wool, denim are not so expensive fabrics, but things made from them look incomparably better. And you feel more comfortable in such clothes.

8. Color combinations

It is generally a tricky business to choose the ideal colors in clothes. They should be combined with each other and match their owner’s color type. If there is no time to study such subtleties, you should just take it as a rule and choose among the bright shades saturated and deep: blue, coral, burgundy, red, emerald. And do not forget about the universal noble pastel colors. And also about the classics: white and black.

9. Strange prints

Even the notorious “leopard” can look different: and noble wild color, and vulgar bad taste. If you are not exactly sure how to properly present yourself in it, it is better not to risk it and choose a classic pattern that is difficult to spoil with something: a cage, a strip, polka dots or geometry.

10. Incorrectly fitted underwear

Well, what’s the difference, no one sees him! But we ourselves see and feel it. And the slightest internal inconvenience is reflected in the appearance. In addition, good lingerie can adjust the silhouette, which is half the battle on the way to perfection.

Preview photo credit wartakesehatan

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