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14 Stylish Tricks That French Women Use, But for Some Reason We are Not

French ladies are admired all over the world, and their style is often described with the expression “je ne sais quoi”. Literally it translates as “I don’t know what it is.” Which gives the appearance of these girls something special. Meanwhile, French women consider it bad form to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, appreciate slight negligence and can afford to walk with peeling varnish on their nails.


We has read the blogs of influencers from France far and wide and figured out what the zest of the local style is.

1. Bag should be small

Usually in a handbag you can find useful little things for all occasions. Perhaps the whole world will agree with this, but not the French. These girls prefer small, neat bags.

Take with you only what is useful on a particular day – there is some piquancy and an easy attitude to life in this. If you meet a French woman with a massive bag or basket, rest assured that she is heading to the beach or the market for fresh produce.

2. There is never too much oversize

14 Stylish Tricks That French Women See, But for Some Reason We are Not

You will not find tight-fitting trousers or blouses in the wardrobes of French madams. Instead, young ladies from Paris and not only dress up in voluminous raincoats, cardigans or dresses. They create a more expensive look and are also comfortable to wear.


Jeanne Damas, model, writer and blogger Rouje, loves oversized clothes: “This applies to both coats and sweaters. I always take a larger size – the thing looks more chic if it is loose, not narrow. “


3. You can wear a cardigan instead of a top

French women do not hesitate to combine all things, it would seem, from different operas. For example, a warm cardigan is a complete replacement for a top. A blouse will add +100 points to coziness, and lacy underwear worn under it will add femininity.

“Another trick that I love recently is wearing my cardigan as a top. A cardigan can have a little grandma vibe, so the fact that you’re tucking into your jeans, shorts or skirt is a great update and a way to not get bored of your clothes too easily. This can be layered with a turtleneck or a lace bra underneath for a feminine and vintage kind of vibe.” – influencer Aida Sane

4. The sweater does not have to be worn outside

To create a spectacular look, sometimes it is enough to put on familiar things a little differently. French women know how to make a luxurious set out of a sweater and high-rise jeans. They tuck a not too thick sweater into the jeans so that the sweater forms a fold.


“Sweater tucking into high-waisted jeans has been my go-to since I was in school, especially when it’s a bit too long for me. It’s perfect when on a casual day paired with sneakers or with kitten heels for an instantly casual chic look.” continues Aida Sane.

5. From a men’s wardrobe, you can borrow not only a white shirt

Borrow from the boys by opting for a more straight-leg style over a skinny jegging. That said, don’t opt for a silhouette that’s quite so baggy it actually looks as though you swiped the pair from your male caller. Instead, choose a slimmer cut that many brands have dubbed the “girlfriend.”


6. Striped is head of everything

14 Stylish Tricks That French Women See, But for Some Reason We are Not

Breton stripe tops were deemed the official uniform of the French Navy in 1858. Breton styling has since remained an iconic trend in French fashion for over a century.

The locals are so fond of striped things that they have become a visiting card and a win-win option when there is nothing to wear. They look great on women of all ages and  go with almost any style.

7. Gold instead of jewelry

French girls are not used to following latest in jewelry. Why do they need plastic bracelets or candy-like glass in their ears when very little is needed for an elegant look? Therefore, instead of a ton of trinkets, they wear a laconic gold pendant and medium-sized hoop earrings.

Such jewelry is not subject to fashionable and will suit any outfit. During day, gold will not be conspicuous, but in the evening it will complete the look, especially if you add your favorite red lipstick to it.

8. French women love to combine different textures in one outfit

Instead of kitsch colors and flashy accessories, French girls and women accentuate their attention by combining different textures in their outfits. Things can be of the same tone, but have a different texture – this is a special chic. Don’t be afraid to pair satin with leather or lace with suede. The favorite combination of French ladies is delicate silk and cozy cashmere.

9. Appreciate neutral colors and pairings

If you look into the closet of a French woman, you can hardly find a dress in a flashy shade. The wardrobe is dominated by neutral colors such as beige, white, black and blue. It is easier to combine them , and if you want to add a bright accent, a neckerchief or lipstick can do it.

Girls take the same approach with accessories and underwear. “We don’t wear unpaired socks or underwear. We want to be perfectly dressed from head to toe! Mainly for oneself and not for others, ” says Parisian blogger Kenza Sadoun el-Glaoui. The same approach can be applied to the interior.

10. Suede things are one of the favorites

Suede is one of the favorite materials for French women. Trousers, skirts and other things from it are wardrobe classics. On the streets of Paris and other cities, suede ankle boots with a round toe and a massive heel are often found . Jeanne Damas especially appreciates them. And for a reason: they do not require such sacrifices as hairpins, and perfectly protect from the cold in autumn and winter.

11. Don’t show too much naked body

A French girl doesn’t have to wear revealing outfits to be attractive because she exudes self-confidence. Comfort is important to her , so she, for example, will not wear a linen top without a shirt or jacket.

12. French women only paint their lips

The main distinguishing feature of French women is bright red lips . They alone should be eye-catching. Otherwise, the ladies from this country are very natural and simple.

13. It is better not to wear flesh-colored tights.

It turns out that the flesh-colored tights and stockings that almost every woman has in the wardrobe are not the best outfit for walking around Paris. French women themselves consider them a crime against fashion, preferring bright colors, prints or classic black.

14. Beauty should look natural

French women, like other women, take care of themselves: they visit beauty salons, do fitness and try to keep their youth as long as possible. But for those around them, all their efforts should remain a little secret: they have no respect for bright makeup, noticeable tan and carefully styled curls. And French manicure is more likely to be seen on the hands of a Russian girl: French women prefer well-groomed, short-cut nails without varnish.

What detail of the French style would you happily transfer into your own, and which one you misunderstand?

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