15+ Girls Before and After Applying Natural Makeup

Each of us goes not only to corporate parties, parties and dates, but also to work, business meetings, and children’s meetings, where too bright makeup is not always appropriate. But if you really want to look stunning, why not try to make a make-up that doesn’t seem to exist, but at the same time all your pluses are emphasized and the minuses are securely hidden?

The heroines of this article did not hesitate to show themselves before and after applying such inconspicuous make-up, and we at Happy Worthy Life understood that even a modest way is titanic work.

Light makeup could still transform me.”

“I have practically no eyebrows and a birthmark on my left cheek. So I crash every day. “

“My work with concealer”

My “No Makeup” look needs a spot check from you fabulous folks!

“I made myself a make-up with the effect of“ no make-up “”

“I am an artist, and this, perhaps, helps me to do the most invisible makeup and hide acne”

Sometimes for a grand transformation do not need bright colors

Here it is, the power of the concealer applied under the eyes

“My make-up“ didn’t seem to be painted ””

“She looked broken when she woke up, and felt the same way. I decided to fix it! ”

No one suspects what art is “make-up without makeup”

The main thing is correctly placed accents

Show off your photos with light makeup. Do you manage to create an effective image “as if without makeup”? How do you do it?

Preview photo of Wyndego77 / Reddit

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