15 Girls Who Decided to Experiment Their Hair and Now They Shine Brighter Than Stars

To change your life, you don’t always have to give up everything and move to another country. Sometimes it is enough to change your hairstyle. People around you begin to look with completely different eyes, new acquaintance appear, and consequently new opportunities.

We believed in the magic of hairdressing, because there is no way to name the magical reincarnation of heroines in our article.

1. “As soon as I saw the result, I realized that I made the right decision.”

2. “I just cut off almost 90 cm of hair that I have grown for 12 years. Mom crying over it, but I’m still happier than ever. “

3. I took the leap, and dyed it green!

4. “I finally got my hair cut the way I like it. I am no longer afraid of haters’ comments, because now I look awesome. “

5. “I doubted, but I made my choice and I liked it. I just didn’t want to take care of them anymore. “

6. “Impulsively cut my hair in the bathroom. It had to be done – now I love how healthy my hair looks. “

7. “Made myself a gift for Valentine’s Day.”

8. “I dreamed of a short haircut for 7 years and finally did it”

9. Finally got my natural hair relaxed and cut. I was apprehensive about getting a bowl cut but I love it

10. “I decided to cut my hair and I feel great.”

What an amazing difference! You look like a completely different person. milkybubbl3s

11. Decisively changed her hair

It was definitely the right decision, you looked beautiful before, but now you are also more daring. sweetbabykafka

12. “I decided to dye my hair black from orange and got the courage to do my bangs.”

13. “Before and after I cut my hair and dyed my hair last night. I’m not sure if the bangs suit me, but I think it worked out well. “

14. “It took a few months to get up the courage to get my own haircut, but I think it worked out for me.”

How cute. I am so jealous of your curls! shiny_cupcakes

15. “Yesterday I did a big change yesterday, i look like a new person, and feel a bit edgy.”

How do you feel about changing your image?

What do you think?

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