15 People Who Stopped Cutting Their Hair But Turn Out Grew Luxurious Hair

Hair can be cut off quickly and easily, especially if you want immediate changes in appearance. But to grow them is a long, sometimes difficult work, which often hides something more than a change of hairstyle. However, the reward is worth it, because a luxurious pile of well-groomed hair looks like a million and can transform a person internally, adding to him self-confidence.

We at  Happy Worthy Life are fascinated by the transformation of the heroes of our article. Short haircuts suit them, but long ones look just perfect.

1. “He injured his back at 18 and thought that life was fragile, so you need to grow hair, as always wanted. 5 years have passed, I am happy that I decided on this “

2. “All my life I was tormented with hair, but finally I feel comfortable. After 7 months of leaving the method for curly, I will not return to the old image ”

3. 6 years difference

4. The difference between the pictures – 3 years

5. “Trichotillomania stole my hair for a long time, but this will not happen again. The longest hair I have had in 7 years, and I love them. ”

6. “18 years and 23 years. I lost weight and forgot about hair clippers ”

7. “My hair in 11 months”

8. “Over 10 years, she lost weight and grew hair. Slowly and surely moving on the right path “

9. “A year ago and now”

10. “A year has passed since my last haircut”

11. “Shaved baldly 2 years ago, since then has not been cut”

12. The hair has grown, the charm has remained unchanged

13. “Started growing hair at 13, now I’m 18”

14. The difference between the pictures – 1 year

15. He grew hair 2 years

Have you ever had a case when you suddenly decided to cut your hair and regretted it?

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