16 Rules For Those Who Want a Perfect Body, But Did Not Manage to Lose Weight by Summer

Professional models are taught how to take the right pose at a photo shoot, hide flaws and show the virtues of your figure. The camera and so often adds a couple of extra pounds. To avoid this, you need to know the right angles and secrets of how to look slimmer in a photo than in life. Of course, the skill of the photographer, lighting, and even the model of the camera are important here. But if you know small life hacks, then you can take very good photos for your instagram and home album.

We at Happy Worthy Life like to take pictures and stumbled on  Katya’s instagram where she teaches to pose. We took note of the girl’s tips and share them with you.

1. The main life hacks in posing

Often a lot of things in photographs depend on the angle, light and, of course, posture. Here’s a little life hack on how to pose:

  • in photographs do not bring the pelvis forward;
  • to bend the lower back and not stoop;
  • throw the hair on one side – so the volume appears;
  • be sure to smile;
  • Well, classic – leg forward, handle on the belt.

2. The right accessories

In the photo on the left, the pose is unsuccessful, the photo seems empty. In the photo on the right, the accessories took full care of themselves, and a successful pose made a little worse! The secret of harmony in the photo is simple – do not focus on your problem areas and know your perspectives. To do this, you need to shoot a lot and analyze in which poses you get better.

3. Gather the legs

To make the body appear slimmer in the photo in a swimsuit, there are several rules. First, put your legs together – with your legs spread, the pose will look rather ridiculous. And by the way, the lower the camera, the longer the legs will be. Get up either clearly parallel to the camera (in full face), or a little sideways – so the waist will be more elegant. Do not invent many elements, highlight the main thing: either legs or arms. If everything is in different directions, this is a failure.

4. Dangerous summer dress

A flying, lightweight can greatly increase your waistline.
What is not necessary:

  • Allow awkward sagging dresses;
  • raise the dress with your hands up “a la princess”;
  • to get up so that the wind blows the dress from behind.

It is necessary:

  • very carefully choose the angles so that there is a silhouette (consult the photographer);
  • stand in the wind so that it blew from the side;
  • pick up accessories that will be emphasized (a cup of coffee, a book, a magazine, a laptop, etc.).

5. Breathing while posing

When you take a breath, you strain, the body becomes tense (it is as if inflated by the flow of new air), and for ideal photographs you often need a relaxed state, as when exhaling.

6. Thin legs and stomach in a pose sitting on a chair

In a sitting pose, do not flatten your hips. Stand on your toes and keep your hands tense. And, of course, a straight back is the key to cool photography and the secret of all bloggers.

7. How to make a graceful silhouette

Do not cross your legs, there should be a distance between them – this will make them slimmer.
To show the presence of a waist, straighten and raise your hands.

8. Gather legs when posing behind

To look slimmer from behind in a sitting position, you should not spread your legs to the sides, you need to put them together so that they are not particularly visible in the frame. The waist will be more expressive if you straighten your back and stretch a little up and forward (diagonally). If you relax your shoulders, and not lift them, then the pose will be more feminine. And you definitely need to crank your neck.

9. Perfect buttocks

To make the buttocks seem more rounded, the camera must be kept at waist level. The ideal angle for such a photograph is with your back to the camera, but your head is looking over your shoulder.

10. Perfect buttocks – 2

Another pose for perfectly round buttocks. Be sure to keep your back straight. Stand half-sided to make your waist appear thinner. Buttocks feed back, closer to the camera. You should get a pose in the form of the letter S.

11. Slender legs

To make the legs appear slimmer and thinner in a sitting position, lay them on top of each other, and lift the knee of the upper leg higher. The lower leg should be pulled forward to the camera.

12. Slim Waist

If you want your waist to be thinner, turn your torso a bit – become a half-side, but not in full view (body to the camera). And also include hands in the work (play with hair, for example) so that they do not hang idle.

13. Watch your hands

To appear even thinner in the photo, there are a few more rules. Arrange your hands so that they are not pressed to the body. Or, in extreme cases, just freely lower your arms, but at a small distance from the waist and body, so that they are not straightened on the sides. This will give a good pulling effect. And the location of one hand on the hip line will provide you with a good view, because your waistline stands out like that.

14. Posing in a one-piece swimsuit

If you want to look cool in a one-piece swimsuit, then stand on your toes – then all your muscles will tighten and your legs will become taut. Also stand sideways to the camera – the bends of the figure will stand out more clearly, the photo will become juicier. Shake your head for volume of hair and adjust the top of the leotard so that the neckline plays with new colors.

15. Simple standing pose

Take your shoulder blades back and your chest forward. The neck is also slightly forward, so the face will be thinner and more expressive. You can slightly open your mouth and breathe it, then the muscles of the lips become more relaxed and outlined. Well, of course, you need to draw in your stomach.

16. A little more about the waist and buttocks

  • Stand with one foot closer to the camera.
  • The second step is to bend the leg at the knee.
  • Lower your hand along the body – so you cover part of your tummy. And the waist will seem a lot smaller.

Do you know your successful camera angle? Share your life hacks with us.

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