19 Evidence That Women Look Different With Makeup & Without Makeup

According to the study, 84% of women do not like to paint at all, but consider makeup to be a means of achieving any goals. It is not surprising that every 2nd person applies makeup every day. If you believe other statistics, then many women are painted even before going to the gym: every 6th respondent does so.


Happy Worthy Life found out how people’s attitude towards women changes depending on whether they use cosmetics or not. The editorial staff also spoke out: we put their stories in the bonus.

“When I am without makeup, no one notices me. But, if I makeup, women aged look at me contemptuous and men – carnivorous “

2. “Without makeup, men and women want to be friends with me. It’s worth putting on makeup, as the girls are jealous, and the men strive to make an unequivocal proposal ”

3. “Throughout my life, it’s good if I makeup 10 times. I occasionally use mascara. Laziness, and I can not, and the husband is against. I’m 40, and my husband doesn’t like the “mask” on his face “

4. “When I’m in full dress, people are very nice to me. Men come up more often (they are not even embarrassed that the husband is nearby). I don’t see eyebrows without makeup and I don’t get compliments about my appearance ”


5. “I didn’t notice that people’s attitude towards me changed due to makeup. But it’s worth putting on something frank (neckline or tight-fitting) – women look at me condemningly, and sometimes criticize out loud ”

“Once in Lima (this is in Peru) I walked down the street in the evening. I was in a short dress and I painted lipstick on my lips. A stranger looked at me, clicked, and then picked up and crossed herself. “

6. “I do not like bright makeup. All eyelashes and stuff are not for me. If I do not dye, then I am “invisible”. Otherwise, guys brazenly stare, and women squint ”


7. “Without makeup, I look like a 16-year-old girl. I’m sometimes not even allowed into the bar. I am very bright when I want to be perceived as an adult woman “

8. “Many consider me bitchy. Sometimes they ask me what I injected into my lips. And if I don’t crash, then they treat me like a child and ask if I’m sick. ”

9. “Somehow I came to the office without lipstick. Acquaintances reacted like this: “Have you got sick? Is everything okay with you? ”Girlfriends:“ Fu! You look awful! Rather go and put on your lips “”

10. “I always come to buy makeup without makeup in order to test something on clean skin. It is annoying that the consultants in the store ask: “Will you really use all this?”


11. “It is worth going out with a clean face, as soon as possible:“ What, did you drink yesterday? ”Double standards are still enraging: to paint – a hypocrite, not to paint – you do not care about yourself”

12. “I only paint at work (I’m a bartender) or on the occasion of some holidays. Husband and children say that I’m funny with makeup, and my friends compliment me. ”

13. “I noticed only one difference: when I am dressed up – people think that I am over 20 years old, and when my face is clean – they perceive me as a teenager. I’m 16″


14. “When I am in full dress, the women are drawn to me, and the men seem to consider me stupid and do not listen to what I say. Without makeup, I can be sure that they will hear me ”

15. “I see no difference. When I don’t make up, some acquaintances still come up and praise my “makeup”. So I constantly have to say whether I am wearing makeup. ”

16. “In the photo on the right, I am at a party where many of the friends I know say they do not know me. And they know! It’s just that they’ve never seen anything without makeup ”

17. “I notice how girls, mostly strangers, treat me differently. This is very disappointing, because we must support each other “

“If I go to the store in full dress, the sellers are literally flying towards me. And if I don’t make up, they don’t even say hello. ”

18. “My husband doesn’t like me when I’ve makeup. As soon as I makeup, he exclaimed: “It’s not you!” ”

19. “I do not use makeup. When my own mother convinces me: “Paint your eyes with mascara! You will look beautiful with it! “- I feel uncomfortable”



“I rarely put on noticeable makeup, because I’m too lazy. Of course, there is a difference with and without war paint, but it is not very significant. Nevertheless, in my memory there were cases when acquaintances did not immediately recognize me with make-up, because they were used to my unpainted face. Usually the reaction of others to my makeup is either neutral or positive. It’s funny that I often praise the eyebrows that I have and without tinting “in place”. Negativity in your spirit: “What have you painted like a clown ?!” or “A girl should be naturally beautiful, and not just that,” I have never heard. ”


“I usually hide my tired face under the glasses. I feel more comfortable: it seems that behind the black frame my bruises under my eyes are not so noticeable. She noticed that when I’m wearing makeup, women look at me from head to toe, and contemptuously. The husband says: “This is because a young mother cannot be as happy and slim as you are – that’s what everyone is watching.” When I am wearing up, I look happy, because at that moment I finally get out of the house somewhere. ”

Do you notice a difference in the attitude of friends and strangers towards you? Share your photo with and without make-up to get a portion of compliments and likes.

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