20 People Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories of Makeup Artists

Every girl wants to be beautiful. Therefore, there are so many makeup artists, hairdressers and other professionals in the beauty industry. But not all of them provide quality services. Many, falling into the hands of a bad master, try to forget the sad experience, like a bad dream. However, some girls even treat such things with humor.

We appreciated the courage of heroines of this collection, who found strength to laugh at their own beauty failures. And in the bonus, a guy who dared to entrust makeup to his young nieces shares his experience.

1. “So this is my ‘professional’ makeup. I thought after that I would understand how best to use cosmetics. “

2. “I went to a lesson on applying makeup at a discount. It was terrible”

3. “My friend is looking for makeup for wedding, so we went to a brand party. I was discussing cat eyeliner with our self-proclaimed makeup artist, and she decided to show me how to do it. “

4. “This is what the makeup artist did for me at my best friends wedding. I still shudder “

5. Does no makeup count as bad makeup? My best friend got married and gifted the bridesmaids their makeup. She paid $60 per bridesmaid for a “full face”. I guess that means CC cream, eyeliner, and mascara.

6. “I almost died when I saw my own makeup for my brother’s wedding. $ 40 will never come back “

7. “First photoshoot, I’m 15 years old. A professional makeup artist gave me some super heavy makeup that made me look super old. “

8. “I went to an expensive salon for a test make-up and felt like a Joker.”

9. “Some makeup artists are weird. Not the worst makeup, but makes you cringe. Pre-wedding makeup trial on left, every day makeup on right “

10. “My sister paid € 120 for my make-up, and also left a tip to this ‘craftswoman’! Save! “

12. “This is how employees of a well-known brand ‘makeup without makeup’. At least it was free. “

14. “I can’t look at my own wedding photos because I looked like a star of 18+ films.”

14. “We did test makeup and hair before the wedding. I’m just terrified “

15. “I paid a makeup artist $ 115 for this, and it makes me want to cry. I don’t have any more to spend on another trial for my wedding ”

17. “I can’t understand if I like this makeup from the famous brand’s makeup artists. Did they go too far with the blush? “

20 People Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories of Makeup Artists
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17. “Trial version of my wedding makeup”

20. “After $ 200, the hairdresser convinced me that she did the same as in the photo. No no no!”

Bonus: “My nieces wanted to do my makeup. Three 11-year-old girls, too much bronzer – they seem to hate me “

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