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20 Women Who Fell in Love With Their Gray Hair

It is very difficult not to depend on the opinions of others and to love your appearance without trying to adjust it to generally accepted standards. There are a lot of debates about beauty, but nowadays people are increasingly realizing that they do not want to change themselves to please others.

We are delighted with their unusual appearance, so we decided to show you brave women who were able to accept and love their gray hair. And in the bonus, we will show that not only ladies can look spectacular with silver hair.

Selfie Sunday acceptance

Embracing my natural silver hair!

20 Women Who Refused to Conform to Standards And Fell in Love With Their Gray Hair

Ive always loved my Natural grey hair, I have had it since I was 20. And now, after 17 years, I am finally in trend

“I added a little light pink to my silver hair. My curls are natural “

“My hair color is ‘salt and pepper'”

Gone Grey

20 Women Who Refused to Conform to Standards And Fell in Love With Their Gray Hair

“I grow old gracefully and without shame”

“Am I crazy because I enjoy gray hair? They seem to me like something magical “

“I finally love my hair and don’t dye it anymore.”

I started going gray around 5th grade. I dyed my hair black until I was about 28. I finally decided to just let it go, and I haven’t looked back! Added a some red to the tips recently to spice it up a little.

“In 2018 I stopped dyeing my hair and here’s the result. On the first photo I’m 26, on the second – 36. It’s a myth that gray hair ages. “

“I have always loved my gray hair and now I decided to grow it out.”

I’m 29 and have been going grey since 15 so I finally embraced it.

20 Women Who Refused to Conform to Standards And Fell in Love With Their Gray Hair

“Fortunately, I won’t have to repeat the procedure often. After all, I have a lot of natural gray hair. I’m so glad my hair looks amazing. “

“My gray hair makes me look so unusual. Just like an undercover superhero “

“I learned to love my gray hair. It’s funny that initially I had black hair, but now it seems to me that my current white hair color suits me even better. “

Kickass curl day! I love my greys!

27 years old and growing my grey hair out! Very pleased with the color and natural red highlights.

“Gray hair started to appear at the age of 11, then I started to dye it. And finally, at 32, I convinced myself how beautiful my premature gray hair is. “

“I let my gray hair grow back”

Bonus: gray hair suits men too

What do you think, is it necessary to paint over gray hair?

Photo by Reddit

What do you think?

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