8 Mistakes In Skin Care That Make Pores More Visible

Excess sebum, dead cells, dirt and bacteria can clog and enlarge pores . Facial care is crucial, but sometimes we approach it with fanaticism. It turns out that such care may be excessive and some of the daily cosmetic procedures do more harm to the skin than any external factors.

Happy Worthy Life loves to discover new secrets of beauty for its readers. This time we want to show you that not all care is good for the skin.

1. Often use matting napkins

8 Mistakes In Skin Care That Make Pores More Visible

Matting napkins can be a real salvation on hot days when our skin becomes very oily and sweats more than usual. Nevertheless, their frequent use will do more harm than good. A thin layer of sebum is essential for your skin. By constantly removing it, you make the skin actively develop it. This leads to clogging and enlargement of pores.

2. Squeeze out blackheads and acne

Getting rid of acne on its own   is not bad, but safety must always be kept in mind. There are many bacteria on the surface of the skin, when squeezing an acne, they can easily get into a fresh wound. If you squeeze a pimple before it ripens, then allow the bacteria to penetrate the inner layers of the skin. This can aggravate the situation as the inflammation continues and can lead to enlargement of pores and the formation of scars.

3. Excessively exfoliate

Exfoliation helps remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess fat blocking pores. This simple action freshens the skin and  tightens pores. However, this procedure should be carried out only 1-2 times a week. Excessive exfoliation can lead to dry skin and the opening of pores that, without a natural layer of fat, will absorb dust from the environment.

In addition, washing your face more than 2 times a day removes a layer of natural fat. In this case, the skin becomes vulnerable to dust and dirt in the environment, which can provoke inflammation.

4. To dry the skin

Dry skin contributes to wrinkles and age you. In addition, dry skin stretches the pores, making them look larger. Fortunately, this is easy to prevent – pick a good tonic and moisturizer for your skin type and apply it daily to your face.

5. Use pore blockers

There are a number of popular tools that are used in skin care in general. However, not all of these tools are worth using. Cocoa butter, coconut oil and lanolin tend to clog pores. They perfectly moisturize the skin, but can also cause acne, stretch pores and retain dirt in them. It is better to find a good face cream, and apply oil to the body.

6. Make-up too often

During the day, makeup is naturally washed away. There is nothing wrong with correcting it a little, but do not do it fanatically. Your skin produces fat, and by constantly applying powder to your skin, you create a layer of oil, dirt and makeup on it. Such preening will only lead to clogged pores – skin abscesses and acne will be guaranteed!

7. Eat junk food

Dairy products, alcohol, foods high in refined sugar, spicy or fried foods are bad for your skin. The reaction to them can manifest as irritation and acne. Acne weakens the sebaceous glands and promotes enlargement of pores. Therefore, a balanced diet and diet is the best “prevention” in skin care.

8. Neglect sunscreen

Exposure to the sun in many ways can be detrimental to the skin. It thickens the skin, disrupting the production of collagen and elastin and evaporating moisture. This leads to the fact that the edges of the pores are stretched, and the skin becomes flabby. That’s why you should never forget about sunscreen!

Do you know the problem of extended pores? Do you have your own tricks to reduce them?

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