9 Common Things That Kill Your Youth and Beauty

“My house is my fortress,” we say, and we don’t even think that there are dangerous objects in this fortress that persistently and very aggressively bring old age closer. And the sooner these dangerous factors are found and neutralized, the greater the chance that a young elastic body and smooth skin will please us as long as possible.

We at  Happy Worthy Life found the main objects of our everyday life, the dangers of which are very easy to forget.

9. Central heating and air conditioning

The colder the air outside, the less moisture it can hold. Once in a room with warm batteries, the air heats up, but the content of water vapor in it does not increase. That is why the air in the house becomes dry. And first of all, the skin and mucous membranes notice it. The face and body become extremely sensitive, itching and peeling begin – a direct path to a dull complexion and wrinkles.

Output: use humidifiers, stock up with moisturizers and keep a bottle of thermal water with you.

8. Soap

The 21st century can be called the century of hygiene. People are simply obsessed with ensuring that all places are clean, without extra vegetation and smell pleasantly. However, daily cleansing of the skin with detergents leads to the washing off of the protective barrier , which saves us not only from bacteria, but also from premature skin aging.

Output: thoroughly check the composition of soap and shower gel, and if possible, abandon daily water procedures with cleansers.

7. Pillow

Most people choose cotton or linen for their beds for objective reasons: they are inexpensive, non-slip and easy to wash.

However, pillowcases made from such materials can do a disservice to those who care about their appearance. First of all, this applies to those who like to sleep on their side or face in a pillow. Thick cotton can increase the risk of creases on the skin, which after some time turn into wrinkles. And these materials are an excellent environment for the development of bacteria.

Exit: replace cotton with silk. Silk is much more expensive, but has a lot of advantages: it is durable, due to its smooth surface it damages the skin less and also prevents the growth of bacteria .

6. Smartphone and computer

Blue screens accompany almost every one of us from morning to late evening. Many have heard that correspondence in social networks on the phone with his head bowed can contribute to the appearance of a second chin.

But that is not all. There are studies that suggest that blue screen light (High Energy Visiblelight) can be just as harmful as the sun’s rays from the UVA and UVB spectrum.

Exit: if it is impossible to limit the time of using a computer and smartphone, you need to take care of installing a special protective HEV screen. And also protective creams marked HEV have already appeared on the market.

5. Open window

More recently, scientists have established a direct relationship between ambient air pollution and premature aging. However, not only the proximity of industrial facilities can cause air pollution. Living in megacities, proximity to freeways, smoking neighbors and many other factors cause air quality to deteriorate significantly.

Output: if your apartment or workplace is in close proximity to pollution sources, then opening a window for ventilation is not the best option. Currently, you can buy an effective device for cleaning indoor air, which will not only remove particles of contaminants, but also help control the skin’s much-needed humidity.

4. Bra

Elastic breasts are directly associated with youth. There is an opinion that it is a bra that performs the main function of combating gravity and keeps the chest high. However, there is no scientific justification for this theory. But the reverse statement that wearing a bra helps to weaken the muscles of the chest is confirmed by several studies . Experts agree that only a small part of women with certain characteristics (for example, a very large size of the mammary glands) need to wear a bra for greater comfort.

Exit: wear a bra strictly as necessary or completely abandon this garment.

3. Sugar

As you know, sugar provokes a set of excess weight. But recent studies suggest that it also contributes to premature aging and the development of inflammatory processes on the skin. Once in the body, sugar begins to produce molecules that actively attack collagen and elastin, which are responsible for smooth, beautiful skin.

Exit: refuse sugar, replacing it with honey, stevia, maple syrup, agave syrup or Jerusalem artichoke.

2. The toilet

Unfortunately, few people know that there are certain rules for using the toilet. And if everyone knows that this important home item needs to be washed, as well as hands after using it, few people realize that there is a proper flushing technique. But if we press the water start button without closing the lid, then all bacteria and pathogens, along with drops of water, scatter in the room. And on hair, clothes and skin, too. And then we are surprised at the inflammations on the skin that cause a lot of problems.

Exit: close the toilet lid every time before pressing the flush button.

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