How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Acne removal can help you get rid of the black head quickly, however, it damages the skin and cannot be removed completely at the root.


Blackheads often appear on the nose, forehead, chin … especially where there are large pores. Moreover, it is quite persistent, difficult to treat, which takes time, effort and money.

How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

When you have blackheads, avoid squeezing with your hands as this will make the condition worse, causing skin inflammation. 

The result of the black flecks is melanin sebum. When oxidized by the environment and dirt, it will turn into dark pigmentation at the top of acne.

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How to Remove Blackheads Effectively
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After exfoliating to avoid dry skin, you should use toner to help tighten pores, balance moisture. 

Exfoliating will help unclog pores, which are removed by scrubbing with a brush or tiny particles. You should avoid using too much force as it may damage the skin, making the condition worse. If you are suffering from acne, you should only exfoliate once a week.

You can use exfoliating AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHA (beta hydroxy acids). These are two types of exfoliants that have been proven effective in treating blackheads by dermatologists. The way BHA works is to penetrate deeply into the skin, removing dirt, dead skin and unclog pores.


Use sunscreen

How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Sunscreen will help you protect your skin effectively from the sun. 

Most skin problems stem from UV rays. UV damage causes skin to weaken, producing melanin. As a result, not only does the skin age prematurely, it also causes melasma, freckles. Moreover, it exists even when it is shady or rainy; through umbrellas, cloths, masks, even glass windows.

In this case, sunscreen is an effective way to protect your skin from the effects of the sun. Ladies should use sunscreen after use moisturizer, before first makeup step and make sure to apply the equivalent dose of four green beans.


Makeup remover daily

How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Makeup remover is an important step to get rid of blackheads on the face. 

Many people confuse use of makeup remover and facial cleanser as one. However, this concept is completely wrong. Makeup remover will wash away the color makeup and makeup residue sticking deep in the pores, helping to minimize the risk of blackheads. And cleanser will push makeup and excess oil away with the water, supporting the next skin care steps.

Oil remover is current favorite trend. The principle of “neutralized oil” helps remove makeup, goodbye blackheads, keeping skin clean and clear. For oily and acne-prone skin, use a deep cleansing pore to remove makeup residues, which can cause acne.

Biological skin substitutes

How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Biological skin substitutes is a method of applying chemical active ingredients to remove stubborn dead skin layers and generate new healthy layers.

Biological skin substitutes (Peel skin) is a method of applying organic acids (fruit acids), chemical active substances capable of destroying acne-causing bacteria effectively. It also helps to remove stubborn dead skin and regenerate new healthy skin, improve the problems of damaged skin such as acne, dark scars, aging skin, melasma, darkening …


Unlike exfoliating, biological skin substitutes products will have strong acidity, low pH and impact, eliminating to deeper skin layers. If you are advised to exfoliate every 2-3 days, for biological skin changes, the frequency should only be 7-10 days / time to avoid skin damage.

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How to Remove Blackheads Effectively

Drink enough water and eat foods rich in vitamins and fiber. Limit acne-causing foods like chocolate, milk, fat, and candy. 

Limit drinks containing substances such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine … because they not only harm the liver but also stimulate the sebaceous gland to work strongly. Instead, girls should maintain a healthy diet, add fresh fruits and vegetables to the menu, drink 2-2.5 liters of water / day.


At the same time, you need to arrange a reasonable rest period, avoid stress and anxiety. Deep sleep has important therapeutic benefits. By night is the time when the skin is conducting a repair and regeneration process. Therefore, getting enough sleep will help maintain healthy skin.

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