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The social network Reddit has a special group called Makeup Addiction , in which everyone can brag about their makeup skills, share life hacks or, conversely, ask for advice. This community has brought together a wide variety of girls – some of them are already professional makeup artists, and some are happy that they finally learned how to draw straight arrows and hide problem skin with makeup. We decided to talk about some of them.

Happy Worthy Life looked through all the photos in the group and highlighted the brightest among them. Our heroines will show how they look with and without makeup, and share their stories. And at the end of the article, a bonus awaits you.

“I practice makeup for my own wedding. My goal is to remain myself and look natural. ”

“I officially became a make-up artist for my girlfriend. I’ve been a little worried that the eyebrows turned out different, but it seems that everything turned out pretty well overall. ”

“My 11-week-old baby does not sleep longer than 10 minutes. That’s how I manage to put on makeup during this time “

“Every day I draw myself a blush”

“I made myself makeup without makeup”

“I’ve been greatly influenced by makeup tutorials and Korean beauty trends.”

“Nothing special, just tried to look more cheerful.”

“Completely hid her acne under makeup”

“Of course, makeup always works better if you don’t have to go anywhere on this day.”

“The day before my wedding, my sister got a huge wax burn. Fortunately, I had a fantastic makeup artist who just saved her. ”

“With and without makeup. I tried to make my freckles more visible, but still natural. ”

“My mom never painted. Today I applied her makeup, and she was shocked at how much she changed. ”

“My usual makeup without makeup”

“Ready for a date with myself”

“Inspired by grunge style”

“My usual“ glamorous ”face, which I draw in 15 minutes. Most of the time I spend on eyelashes ”

“Yes, I know that my eyebrows are still too different.”

“Transformed my mom”

“I tried to create a fresh summer look”

“Finally, I found a tool that hides bags under the eyes.”

“I have cystic acne, but today they told me that my skin looks great.”

“I needed a Hollywood look. I’ve never had so much makeup on my face. ”

Bonus: it seems that this guy also mastered the art of makeup without makeup

Do you often leave home without makeup? Or do you always prefer to at least a little bit, but to touch up?

Preview photo credit photo of TheWhitestBrown / Reddit

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