The 20 Year Old Girl Famous With 3D Makeup Like Hypnosis

Elisaveta Polonik is known for her unique, impressive makeup talent.

In the last few years, the definition of makeup has not only stopped to beautify facial parts such as eyes, lips … but it has evolved beyond that boundary. Make up artists know how to transform and create based on images or things they come across.

Elisaveta Polonik – 20-year-old girl from Russia – famous on social networks thanks to her talent for make up visual illusions. The personal page has more than 40,000 followers, the posts sharing her 3D makeup attracted a lot of attention. “You are so talented”, “Wonderful”, “Your makeup art is amazing” … are the comments for 20 year old girl.

Pictures in 3D make up style often attract a lot of attention from netizens. Polonik cleverly combines different colors to create illusion for the viewer. In addition, the Russian girl also actively shares the products and brand names of cosmetics she uses.

The work called “Profile” is the result of the most attention netizens. It earned more than 45,000 favorites. She said that the hair and the background in the background were especially darker than usual, causing the viewer to focus on the “hypnotic” makeup.

Cartoon characters like Mike Wazowski from Monster, Inc. and Darla, famous for her “shaking fish” in Finding Nemo, is no stranger to Disney fans. Polonik does not only focus on face painting, but also on details such as hair, clothes and accessories. This makes the character description more realistic and vivid.

In addition, Polonik also shows the ability to “transform” into characters in other famous movies such as the Hell Boy or Iron Man. In the process of makeup, the work of creating blocks, highlighting helps the face to be more angular, enhancing the contours of the owner. In addition, this 20-year-old girl also uses contact lenses in accordance with the original image from the character.

Every time she revealed information about the work, the Russian girl additionally annotated where her inspiration came from. Removing her makeup, Polonik is a girl who owns a beautiful appearance with a high and straight nose bridge.

Polonik started posting makeup on her personal page in 2017, when she transformed into a girl with green skin and orange hair. After that, she focused on sharing photos of her makeup and received much love from beauty followers.

Photo by Polonikl / instagram

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