The Best Swimsuit Models Will Help to Focus on the Figure and Hide All Unnecessary

Beach season – time to swim and bask in the rays of the gentle sun. And is it really so important if we managed to find the perfect body by the summer? Any girl can look gorgeous on the beach, you just need to choose the right swimsuit, which will help to focus on the merits of the figure and hide flaws.

We have a solution for such cases – a few options that are suitable for different types of shapes

1. For full hands

This option with a deep neckline will cover the full shoulders and emphasize the chest.

Another option for women who do not want to show their hands on the beach is a closed bodysuit with small sleeves. A small playful neckline will demonstrate the neckline, and the length of the sleeves can vary – there are even swimwear models that look more like clothes for cool surfers.

2. For wide hips

For a pear-shaped figure, a halter swimsuit with wide straps around the neck is perfect. Such a swimsuit can be not only cohesive, but also separate – the bodice plays the main role here, creating a deep V-neck and shifting the emphasis from the hips to the shoulders and décolleté.

The contrasting top and bottom will shift the emphasis to the chest and shoulders, and the dark color of the lower part of the leotard will visually make the hips slimmer.

The Best Swimsuit Models Will Help to Focus on the Figure and Hide All Unnecessary

3. For a magnificent bust

To maintain a large bust, you need a bodice with tight cups and wide straps.

The Best Swimsuit Models Will Help to Focus on the Figure and Hide All Unnecessary
caralynmirand / instagram  

The straps can put anywhere – on the shoulders or tied around the neck

A win-win option for a magnificent bust is a one-piece top, similar to a sports one, with various decorative elements.

4. For a full stomach

Girls who want to hide excess in the abdomen can safely choose high-waisted models. A separate swimsuit is more suitable for those whose roundness differs in the lower abdomen and sides.

A swimsuit with a top in the form of a loose T-shirt is suitable for a girl with an apple-like figure, when excess weight is distributed in the abdomen and chest.

This option solved several problems at once: it focuses on the chest and covers the stomach and sides

The V-neckline of this swimsuit model visually stretches the figure, distracts attention from the abdomen and makes the silhouette slimmer.

5. For unexpressed waist

If you want to emphasize the waist or visually build in this area, your choice is a closed swimsuit with contrasting inserts on the sides. Such a print will make your silhouette more elegant.

You can also narrow the waist with transparent / knitted inserts on the sides. Creating a contrast with the dense swimsuit material, they will slim you.

A dark-colored swimsuit on the sides will also help visually make the silhouette more slim and narrow. Such a model will look especially good on tall girls.

6. For hourglass figures

If you have a pronounced waist, and the excess weight is distributed on the chest and hips, you can wear almost any swimsuit. For example, a simple high-waisted bikini will look good.

You can also prefer closed models with an interesting design: open inserts, lacing, etc.

A monokini with a neckline will demonstrate the neckline, and draped inserts will make the waist more pronounced.

Of course, these are just general recommendations. The most important thing is to enjoy the summer and the sun, and not constantly think about your own figure. Therefore, while on the beach, just relax.

Preview photo , Raisincurve / instagram

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