Top 10 Secrets Eyelash That Eyelash Masters Never Talk to You

The services of lashmakers are becoming increasingly popular, and after walking for half an hour in the shopping center, you can not meet a single girl who would not have eyelashes. Due to such a high demand, the masters providing this service are becoming more and more. However, is each of them worth trusting?

Many employees of the editorial office of Happy Worthy Life also periodically increase eyelashes. That’s just, as it turned out, the approach to business of our lashmakers is sometimes not the same, and their advice varies widely. Therefore, we decided to head deep into the blogs of professional masters and independently answer the most common questions.

1. Is it possible to paint with mascara extended eyelashes?

Even after eyelash extensions, sometimes I want to further emphasize the eyes and achieve a wow effect. According to experts, it is possible to dye eyelash extensions, but you need to consider several nuances:

  • Mascara will add a sense of artificiality to thick eyelashes. Made-up they can look ridiculous.
  • Ordinary mascaras may contain oils that will react with the glue and dissolve it. As a result, the bundles will begin to fall off. Therefore, you must either carefully study the composition of the mascara and make sure that there are no oils in it, or use a special mascara created specifically for eyelash extensions.
  • You can not choose waterproof mascara, since when removing it, special products may be required that will also partially wash off the glue.
  • It is better to color the eyelashes from the middle to the ends, without affecting the line of attachment.

2. What is the best way to remove makeup?

If you have eyelash extensions, wash your face better with water or water-based products. Perhaps they do not remove makeup as quickly as foams and gels, but they cannot dissolve glue either.

3. Can I remove eyelashes myself?

Not every girl writes to a leshmaker to take off her eyelashes. In addition, there are situations when the master is not nearby (for example, if you are on vacation). You can remove eyelashes yourself, but you do not need to do this in the following ways:

  • Tear bundles with nails.
  • Try to dissolve the glue with oil.
  • Trim extended eyelashes to the length of relatives.
  • To remove eyelashes yourself, get a cream called remover.
  • Apply it to the mounting area with a silicone stick or cotton swab.
  • Leave for the time indicated in the instructions (usually about 4 minutes).
  • Separate eyelashes with tweezers, clutching at their tips.
  • When the cilia does not remain, cleanse your skin in the usual way for you.

4. Do I need to buy an eyelash fixer?

Masters quite often try to sell it to clients, assuring that this tool will increase the time of wearing eyelashes several times. Their zeal is understandable: they receive interest from the sale of cosmetics. But let’s see if this fixer is so important?

  • Firstly, it was created not to extend the time of socks, but to ensure that the eyelashes hold their original “styling” longer. Therefore, if you are promised that with the help of a fixer, you will wear the same eyelashes for years, you can roll your eyes and retire into the sunset.
  • Secondly, with frequent use at home, a fixative can cause eyelashes to stick together, and as a result, their appearance will deteriorate.

We were attracted by the protective properties of this product: theoretically, it should protect the eyelashes from external influences. But, on the other hand, the effect will last until the first wash. In general, it’s up to you to decide if you can do without this treasured tube.

5. Can building up damage my eyesight?

This is a really difficult question. Experienced craftsmen say that such a risk is excluded. But oculists say that regularly in their practice they face the consequences of eyelash extensions.

We will not consider cases when the procedure is performed by an uncertified master in a room that does not meet sanitary standards. But let’s figure out what we risk when we go to build even in the best salon.

  1. Too thick eyelashes create a fan-shaped effect. This increases the amount of air blowing through the mucosa, and it can dry out quickly. This can cause discomfort.
  2. Many adhesives contain formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, setting off for building for the first time, it is better to clarify the composition of the preparations with which the master works.
  3. On the eyelashes live bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus). They are not dangerous only as long as their number is within the normal range. However, eyelash extensions can cause an increase in the bacterial population, which in turn will lead to blepharitis – a group of eye diseases that are difficult to treat.

If you have never previously increased eyelashes or decided to change the master, the first couple of days carefully monitor the condition of your eyes and if you suspect a negative reaction, contact a specialist.

6. What should be in the office of the leshmaker?

We hope that none of our readers will begin the procedure in an office in which dust rolls roll on the floor, fungi spread on the walls and there is a mess in the tools, however, you need to pay attention to a few more details.

  • The cabinet must have air conditioning, where you can set the desired temperature. This is due to the fact that each glue has its own temperature conditions, if not observed, it will seize worse.
  • Also in the office should be a humidifier. The reason is the same: the humidity necessary for better adhesion of the adhesive.
  • Sterilizer. The extension should be carried out only with sterile instruments, despite the fact that theoretically contact with blood and mucous membranes is excluded. But anything happens, and safety comes first.

7. What can cause poor eyelash wear?

Sometimes the client himself is to blame for the fact that his eyelashes began to quickly crumble.

  • For example, he took a bath in the first hours after building up.
  • He did not warn the master about allergies, taking vitamins, or, conversely, vitamin deficiency.
  • Or is he just used to rubbing his eyes with his fingers.

8. Can eyelashes fall off due to the fault of the master?

Lashmakers are people too, and they can make mistakes. If the eyelashes begin to crumble too quickly, then perhaps:

  • Your master used improperly selected or expired glue.
  • He did not pay attention to the fact that during the procedure you began to watery eyes and wetting area.
  • He set the wrong humidity and temperature in the room.

9. What words of the master should alert?

According to the lashmakers themselves, sometimes masters try to hide their lack of professionalism behind the common “excuses”.

  • You need to be careful if the lashmaker claims that your eyelashes are too short, so he will stick the bundles to the skin. It is unacceptable.
  • If the eyelashes seem asymmetrical to you, and the lashmaker claims that the reason for the natural asymmetry of the eyes and the best result on your face is impossible to achieve. In fact, his task is partly to make your eyelids begin to look as symmetrical as possible.
  • You should also be wary if the eyelashes begin to fly off quickly, and the master, not understanding the situation, blames you for this. You can often hear the accusation that you were sleeping with your face in a pillow (and it is almost impossible to dispute, because it is not easy for us to control ourselves in a dream). In fact, it is difficult to immerse your face in a pillow in such a way as to traumatically clamp eyelashes.

10. When is it most profitable to sign up for an extension?

In the salons dealing with eyelash extensions, there are periods of decline and increased demand for services.

  • The recession period usually runs from mid-autumn to mid-winter (especially during the New Year holidays). At this time, lashmakers try to lure customers into their seats with pleasant discounts and bonuses.
  • The period of the highest demand is observed from May to September (especially on the holidays) and immediately before the New Year. At this time, prices skyrocket, and signing up for a procedure is not so easy.

Do you build eyelashes? If so, tell me by what criteria you selected your first master and whether you were satisfied with it.

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