President Donald Trump Raised Salaries Against the Coronavirus in the United States

US President Donald Trump contributed the entire salary in the fourth quarter of 2019 to the US Department of Health to combat the new strain of coronavirus outbreak in the country.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent press secretary Stephanie Grisham White House released photos of the check 100,000 USD President Trump sent Alex Azar Health Minister.

“I am pleased to announce that the US president has donated his salary to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health to support the coronavirus response campaign,” Azar said at a White House press conference.

According to US government statistics, as of March 4, there have been 108 people infected with the new strain of coronavirus and nine dead. All deaths have occurred in Washington state.

US President Donald Trump went to the National Institutes of Health on March 3 to urge efforts to fight the new strain of coronavirus

In March 3, Mr. Trump went to the National Institutes of Health to urge anti-epidemic efforts. Trump will also visit the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia this week.

As a US billionaire, Mr. Trump has pledged not to receive the president’s salary since entering the White House. He has collected salaries for many government agencies.

Last time , Mr. Trump raised salaries for the Department of Homeland Security , the Ministry of Transportation and the Department of Veterans Affairs … He also transferred salaries to agencies participating in the fight against opioid analgesics .

Last week, the Trump administration asked Congress to approve an additional $ 2.5 billion package to combat the new strain of coronavirus. However, US congressmen said that $ 8 billion needed for a campaign to stop the disease in the US.

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