The Dream Design of the Covid-19 Apple Mask, Priced From $ 99

In the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic in many countries, the idea of ​​an Apple mask quickly became the focus of attention when it appeared online.


Recently, netizens shared photos of modern mask design, believed to come from Apple technology giant. Many people believe that this brand started to encroach into the field of health and fashion when the Covid-19 epidemic evolved complicatedly.

According to some forums, the mask has many outstanding features at each price, the lowest is 99 USD and the highest is 399 USD .

The highest-priced Apple Mask Pro introduced with 3 layers, along with incredible capabilities such as 24-hour virus filtering, 4 m water resistance for up to 30 minutes. This accessory is made from high quality fabric – Super Fabric XDR.

The Dream Design of the Covid-19 Apple Mask, Priced From $ 99
The image of Apple’s “mask” mask is causing a stir in the online community.

With such interesting technology, Apple Mask Pro is the product that “apple fans” expect, and becomes an effective medical tool for doctors in healing.

However, Apple Mask Pro or iMask actually just stopped in the imagination of graphic designer named Justin Ciappara. He came up with the idea of ​​”launching Apple Mask Pro” thanks to the times when the brand “apple bite” to launch new products and worries about the Covid-19 epidemic.

Justin Ciappara’s plan is so perfect and so realistic that many people think that Apple will produce masks. Not only does he design products, he also has pricing similar to the way the tech company releases new phones, even information on the sale date.

Besides the normal model, Justin’s dream design also has a special version combined with luxury brand Hermès, similar to the Apple Watch.

The Dream Design of the Covid-19 Apple Mask, Priced From $ 99
The price of the “dream” design is not cheap, from 99 – 
399 USD .

Photos of the “Apple masks” are shared on many forums. Many people have left comments for this unique idea.


The ebunky account said, “Great. I want to own one.”

Buderus69 user joked, “Does this product have Bluetooth?”.

Currently, N95 respirators are said to be the best masks, so many people search for because they are capable of filtering 95% of fine particles of 0.3 micron in the air and better filtering than medical masks. However, in order for the mask to work best, you must wear a tight, tight face.

Accordingly, Apple always wants to associate technology with fashion. “The big guy” once collaborated with the famed Alexander Wang to create 3 music playlists on Apple Music. Fans hope that Apple will work with Alexander Wang to create more interesting products that may be related to fashion.


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