20+ People Who Find That Their Culinary Skills are No Worse Than Cool Cooks

The ability to cook is the same talent as, for example, the talent of a painter. For the first time, some people manage to create an exquisite dish of French cuisine, indistinguishable from what is cooked in a Michelin-starred restaurant. But most people have to go through trial and error, before the food comes out from under their knife, which will really please the taste buds.

We are happy for those who are able to create culinary masterpieces without being professional. And in the end, you will find a bonus that will prove that cooking, alas, is not given to everyone.

“Everyone knows my mother as a bad baker. But on my birthday, she decided to surprise me and locked herself in the kitchen for the whole day. In my opinion, the cake turned out great, and I am very grateful to my mother for it. ”

Questionably SFW cross-section of my first batch of croissants

“Cake for father’s birthday. I tried to make a campfire. ”

“My wife has prepared this table for the wedding.”

“I myself baked this chocolate chip cookie and am very proud of it”

“This is the best Wellington beef I’ve ever made.” And it tastes divine. “

“I made a cake for my sister’s birthday”

Mom:”your getting fat” also mom:(traditional georgian dish kachapuri)

“I did it! 6 attempts, 5 failures, and finally I was able to achieve a crisp! ”

“My son is allergic to lactose, and I tried making donuts without milk.”

I fucking did it!!!! Homemade scotch eggs!!

“I am 74 years old. And I just grilled these world’s best cheese toasts! ”

“My girlfriend practices pasta. These, with a space design, were probably the most beautiful. “

“My wife wanted scallops”

“My second attempt on New York-style pizza.

“2 wonderful mini cheesecakes, one of which I ate for breakfast. Because I’m an adult and do what I want. “

“For the first time in my life I cooked dumplings! And they were delicious. ”

“I am very proud of the cake that I baked for my daughter’s birthday”

Fried chicken sandwiches

“Making donuts for the first time in my life”

Bonus: “I made this monstrous cake with my two hands, and it looks like it was made by a child. Enjoy it! ”

Maybe your culinary skills are so good that the dishes you cook delight others? Share a photo of your edible masterpiece with the world.

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