13 Things That Turn Even the Most Expensive Interior Into Cheap Stuff

This can happen to everyone – you made a gorgeous repair, invested a substantial amount in updating the interior, maybe even hired a designer, and still feel that the end result does not suit you, it looks somehow cheap.

At Bright Side we love to lay straws in advance, therefore we turned to professionals for advice – designers Alesya Nestyak and Tatyana Vasilyeva ( Repair Wizards ) helped us prepare this article . Now we are ready to tell you because of what details our interior does not look as chic as it could. In the bonus, you will find a simple way to instantly give the room a secular gloss.

Massive works of art

One of the most important elements in expensive interiors is the work of art. Reproductions on the walls can in one fell swoop cross out all your efforts, turning a luxuriously decorated room into a kind of hotel room. Especially if these are small pictures in typical frames.

  • If you do not have money for expensive paintings, this does not mean that you cannot afford an original painting, photograph or sculpture. Pay attention to the work of young artists. Even Picasso, Rodin and Cecil Beaton were once beginners.

Accent walls

This design technique was once fashionable and relevant, but now it’s not just outdated, but with all its looks it declares that you couldn’t make your choice, you didn’t have the courage to apply the color you like as it deserves.

  • If you still want to highlight one of the walls in the room – pay attention to the painting. Wall murals are now in trend, they are performed in different techniques, they select drawings for both classic and modern interiors. Wall panels are also suitable, they are also different.

Wrong furniture scale

It is the scale and proportions that distinguish good design from bad. Oversized furniture, too tiny or too voluminous for a given room or not combining with each other, can ruin the whole impression. And then it doesn’t matter how much you paid for this sofa or table, whether they are from the fashion collection or not.

  • Do not neglect measurements. Do not buy anything by eye without making sure that the height, width and depth fit into your room. Designers say that a harmonious interior is like a natural landscape – there is nothing too big or too small in it, nor does it happen to be built in a ruler.

Wrong Carpets

Carpet is another item that we associate with luxury. But if it is too small, an imbalance appears between it and the furniture, and it also creates the feeling that you simply did not have enough money for a normal carpet. Too large can visually reduce the space, which also does not suit us.

  • Designers are guided by a simple rule of thumb: the carpet should be so large that it can be placed on the legs of adjacent furniture. If it is a chair, sofa or chair, it is enough to place two front legs on it, and the table should stand on the rug with all legs.

Incorrect lighting

Only one chandelier should be hanging in a room, no matter how beautiful it may be. The thoughtfulness of what designers call a light scenario, that is, the illumination of work areas, light accents on works of art, is a sign of an expensive interior.

  • In addition to the general light – the very chandelier – the room needs sconces, floor lamps, spotlights in places for work or leisure, near important decorative elements.

Wrong chandelier size

Not only the light scenario, but also the size of the chandelier – the central figure of the composition – affects how thoughtful the interior looks.

  • There is a beautiful formula in feet that allows you to calculate the correct size of the chandelier. To find out the optimal diameter of the central lighting fixture, simply add its length to the width of the room. For example, for a 20 by 20 foot room, you need a 40-inch diameter chandelier. In order not to suffer with the transfer from one metric system to another, it is enough to add the length and width of the room in meters, and then multiply the resulting figure by 8.25. So, in a standard kitchen with an area of ​​9 square meters. You will need a chandelier with a diameter of about 50 cm (3 + 3 = 6, multiplied by 8.25 – you get 49.5 cm).

The abundance of furniture

13 Things That Turn Even the Most Expensive Interior Into Cheap Stuff
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Too much furniture can turn any spacious room into Papa Carlo’s closet. Wealth has never been associated with crowdedness, the need to maneuver between the sharp corners of a table and a sofa that “kicks” under the knees.

  • The best way to find out if we have overdone is to walk around the room. First of all, moving around should be easy. Secondly, ask yourself the question: what is this or that piece of furniture for? If this is a chair on which no one ever sits, or a bedside table that is not used for its intended purpose, it is time to part with them. The fact that the typical living room decor includes a sofa, coffee table and armchairs does not mean that you should have all these things.

Too many different patterns.

13 Things That Turn Even the Most Expensive Interior Into Cheap Stuff

We all are delighted with the ability of interior designers to mix colors and patterns so easily, but it is in this process that it is easy to make a mistake. Once you overdo it a bit, and the chic room begins to resemble a flea market, harmony is replaced by motley.

  • A simple design technique is to narrow the color palette and use patterns that vary in scale. The print on large items should be larger, on furniture upholstery and textile decorations – less.

Finishing Savings

13 Things That Turn Even the Most Expensive Interior Into Cheap Stuff

An expensive interior is always thought out to the smallest detail, and it is the finish that brings the final gloss. One cheap plastic outlet will spoil the impression of a beautifully plastered and expensive painted wall paint. Put the screws on the joints at the junction of the floor covering will cross out all the efforts of the designer.

  • Of course, we can say that the solution is simple: do not save. But you know, when you need to spend the amount on one baseboard for which you can feed a flock of shelter seals for a year … It makes sense to pay attention to budget, but high-quality analogues of local, not international brands. Many young companies storm the market and offer sockets, window sills, moldings, door handles and other accessories of the original design and at a reasonable price.

Tiffany lamp

The muffled brilliance of metal parts creates a feeling of high cost. But artificial gold or silver is recognizable and immediately vulgarizes the interior. “The gilding will all be erased – the pig skin remains,” said the great storyteller.

  • Copper, brass, nickel are real. They will not let you down and will look restrained and luxurious if you are not stingy with quality.

Bad Textiles

There is no doubt that in an expensive interior there is no place for cheap upholstery or textile products, from the touch of which it reduces teeth – they are so synthetic. But there are such expensive fabrics that behave inappropriately – wrinkle, roll, catch dust particles and moths on themselves.

  • No need to hold on to naturalness. Nowadays, the quality of blended fabrics that are resistant to pollution and abrasion has improved significantly, such textiles are also available in the premium segment. Start with functionality and durability, and then pay attention to texture and color.

Typical fittings

Furniture fittings – a standard, standard solution. The manufacturer cannot sell a cabinet without handles, so most often something neutral, albeit high-quality, is chosen. Your interior is made up of individual trifles, and such a touch makes it cheaper.

  • Do not take hardware for granted. Remember that you can easily change it, look for more interesting options.

Furniture Sets

Another typical solution is furniture sets. By furnishing the room in this way, you will achieve what it will look like a picture from the catalog of the furniture factory. Here again we are talking about individuality and style, which do not combine with the standard set offered to us.

  • Buy combining furniture from different collections and even different styles, do not forget about the existence of antique stores. An updated vintage wardrobe with intricate inlays, a chair or a table of a unique shape – you will never confuse them with the furniture selected in the catalog. They bear the stamps of time, tell their stories and thereby create a luxurious atmosphere.


There is a win-win way to give the interior a gloss – put a vase of flowers. Peonies, roses, lilac branches, orchids – bouquets of the same flowers and whole compositions, they all work for us. If you are not a fan of fresh flowers, pay attention to dried flowers.

What do you think, what detail in the interior can instantly reduce the cost of it? What popular design techniques would you call bad taste?

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