17 Design Examples Will Delight Someone With Great Taste

If there was a secret warehouse where you could take as much inspiration and imagination as you can carry, we would be the first to stand in line. But for now, it remains only to be amazed at the talent of people who came up with a panama hat with a slot in the form of a bird, an island for a soft-boiled egg and many other cool things.


We at Happy Worthy Life never miss new designs from the world of design and carefully select only what we consider worthy of your attention. And here’s another selection.

1. Panama hat in form of bird

2. Flowerpots can be stacked on top of each other

3. Rolling pins for ornaments cookies

4. Collapsible bottle, which is convenient to carry


5. Stationery set in form of rabbit

6. An island-shaped egg cooker with a palm tree


7. Fancy 3D-printed keyboard keys

8. Float for brewing tea

9. Innovative Plant Shaped Vase for Plant 

10. Mugs with unusual handles

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11. Bed linen with full immersion effect

12. Decorations from meteorites and dinosaur bones

13. Bag for a watermelon. Thanks

14. Umbrella-cane in the form of cat’s feet

What 3 things from what you saw in the article would you like to receive as a gift?

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