19 People Who Take Care of Their Own Appearance No Worse Than Professionals

The heroines of our article are ordinary girls who are accustomed to rely only on themselves in some matters. They cut their hair, paint, do manicure and, you imagine, even sew clothes. And it turns out that they are no worse than professionals.

Happy Worthy Life will be happy to show you photos of people who, thanks to their talents, not only save money on beauty salons, but also wear new clothes that you can’t find on anyone else.

“I just tied my first bag. This friend taught me “

“I have long wanted a bob haircut and today I just picked up the scissors and made it.”

“Actually, I’m a medical student and only recently started learning to sew. I had no textbooks or patterns, I just saw this cool fabric and turned it into a dress ”

“Spoiled myself with Indian glam makeup”

“I had a lot of free time, and I cut my bangs”

“I sewed myself a swimsuit”

“I just finished knitting my oversize cardigan and in a color that I was very afraid to wear before”

“I updated my hairstyle with my own hands”

I finished my first ever dress! I bought a quarantine-machine and tried a PDF pattern, and I can’t believe it turned out ok!

“My graduation was canceled, but that didn’t stop me from doing holiday makeup”

A month ago I took myself from a very damaged purple bob to a brunette pixie/undercut situation. Feels so much better!

“For the first time I sew something not for children. My first project is a kimono-style robe ”

My first ever dress, complete with pockets! Pattern: Lila and June Picnic Dress

“Inspired by the example of makeup artist Celine Bernaerts, I decided to make up my eyes in a completely different way”

“I just took the scissors and cut off the tangled and split ends of the hair”

“For an hour and a half I sewed this wonderful satin dress”

“I did not know what I was pulling myself into when I decided to knit a sweater. Well, after a year and a half, I finally finished it “

“I was determined and cut myself. I watched the instruction video on YouTube several times and just did it the same way. “

“I myself sewed a wedding dress, because it is very demanding. To work with lace was a real nightmare, and I finished everything only 2 days before the celebration ”

What do you prefer to do with your own hands? Tell us, but rather show.

Preview photo of theeramonkota / Reddit

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