19 Simple Things That Designers Have Combined Beauty And Practicality

1. Stand for umbrellas

2. Knife to “grate” hard butter, so you can spread it directly on your toast

3. Hamburger ottoman

These “pizza axes”. I’ll never use a pizza wheel again.

A planter I made for my mom’s succulents! Pour water in the cloud and it comes out as rain.

19 простых вещей, в которых дизайнеры объединили красоту и практичность
Cocobear27 / reddit

6. It seems incredible, but this is a computer system unit

7. Soap dish in the form of a mini-bath

8. This is Maya. The owner built her a luxurious wooden house

19 простых вещей, в которых дизайнеры объединили красоту и практичность
Umpx / reddit

My local hardware store’s door handle is a hammer.

The tread on my wife’s shoes is a remote control

11. Transparent payment card

12. This bottle can contain 2 different liquids at the same time.

13. This elephant-shaped cup has room for a tea bag

14. Toilet brush holder

15. This decanter produced by blowing glass into a hollowed out log

16. Convenient knife and fork combo at a local taco restaurant.

17. These security cameras are disguised as birds

18. Chandelier in a Los Angeles restaurant

19. Panoramic photograph printed on a ball

Do you have any everyday objects at home that will be remembered for a long time?

What do you think?

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