How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

Many of us want to live in a spacious and comfortable house, but not everyone is ready to start an epic called “repair” and allocate the necessary budget for this. Often we put off our desire for later, but as they say, there is nothing more permanent than temporary. So why not start turning your home into a cozy nest step by step, without investing a lot of money right now?

At Happy Worthy Life, we sincerely believe that the environment shapes a person and that even with a modest budget you can equip a beautiful and comfortable home. Including if this is your rented apartment. Be sure to read the article to the end: we found heroines who shared the experience of their alterations and gladly talked about them.

1. Get rid of all unnecessary things

Imagine that your apartment has not been renovated for a long time: on the floor there is a grandmother’s carpet in a flower; on the ceiling is a chandelier that grandfather once brought from Czechoslovakia; on the wall are paintings from the transition and a couple of embroideries; a slightly crushed, but still comfortable sofa in gray-brown-crimson and two armchairs; there are old dull curtains hanging on the window, and the only pretty thing is a little … no, not the TV, but the curbstone on which it stands. A lot of people live in such interiors, and, alas, the vast majority of rental housing looks like this. But, believe me, you can do something with this without the use of special efforts. And by the end of the article, you will see for yourself.

The first step is to clean up the house and get rid of everything unnecessary. Absolutely everything that you don’t use, as well as those things that annoy and dislike you, we give for processing, hand out, sell and throw away. You can read more about how to effectively put things in order here and here. If this is a rented apartment, then try to discuss your desire to transform the apartment with the landlords: you may be lucky and they will allow you to get rid of unnecessary trash or take it away.

Remember our compliment nightstand? Do not rush to throw it in the trash: below we will tell you how it can come in handy. Furniture should also not get excited and get rid of it if there is no money for a new one. It’s a bit more complicated with the carpet: the one in the flower is too clumsy and irrelevant, but the oriental-style carpet would be quite suitable – take a look at the photo below and compare.

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

And one more small addition, which concerns the order in the house. Very often, a sense of clutter occurs due to the abundance of parts and small things: all this can be put into boxes, thought over storage systems and hidden things out of sight. If the apartment is rented, and the owners do not want to pick up their things, then try to hide the excess under the bed, behind the sofa, put it on the shelves in the hallway or just put it in the closet.

2. We bet on light or plain walls

Light walls are an excellent background for your interior. You have probably noticed that in many beautiful interiors the walls are painted in white or milky color. You can choose other, brighter colors, but it is important to be able to combine them well (more on this below). In rooms with white walls, it is easy to change the emphasis with the help of paintings, posters, textiles and other details. Light walls can be seen in most apartments with a popular Scandinavian design. It’s like a blank sheet with which it is easiest to start the path to a new, stylish interior.

Perhaps this is the most difficult and energy-consuming stage of all, but it’s worth it: call your friends and paint the walls together, in fact it is not as difficult and long as it may seem.

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

Agree, this interior looks much more comfortable than what we showed on the very first picture in the article. By the way, if you equip a bedroom, but want to save on buying a bed, then pay attention to the trick with a bed from pallets: we buy a good mattress, beautiful linen and pillows, add details – and your most comfortable bedroom is ready!

3. Decide on the colors, develop “watchfulness”

Light walls are good, but now you need to decide how we will revitalize our interior. In order not to get a vinaigrette, you need to at least at least decide on a color palette and accents. Our cheat sheet on a combination of colors will help you. And besides this, we advise you to develop “observation”: remember and notice the details you like in other interiors, save pictures, analyze. Instagram and Pinterest will help you with this.

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

For example, in this interior an emphasis is placed on vintage: a similar chandelier and furniture can be found even at flea markets. The hostess chose warm orange tones, wooden textures for this room and diluted them with accent green furniture and light pink curtains. All colors are combined, the interior does not look boring or dull, and yet there are light walls, floor and ceiling.

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

And in this interior they decided to add an accent wall and a retro-preservative in the style of the 60s. Pay attention to how the yellow color successfully “connected” the bedside table, pillows and the ornament on the wall.

4. Remodel old furniture

As you have already noticed, old furniture can be harmoniously integrated into a modern interior. But even if she is not in the best condition, sometimes it’s enough just to slightly repair it to give a second life.

That’s exactly what Diana and her husband did: they washed the old chest of drawers, repaired, painted, pasted the wallpaper inside and installed glass shelves – yes, I had to tinker with it, but the result was worth it. Cabinets from IKEA can be seen in almost every home, but there is probably no such cabinet anymore. Even if you paint the old wooden chair with ordinary paint, you can get a stylish interior detail that will last you more than one year.

5. Work with textiles

Textiles are the most important attribute of any interior. Let’s get back to our typical apartment from the first shot: imagine if there was no carpet in this room, plain curtains hung on the floor, all the furniture would be covered with plain blankets and bright pillows. Even if it is not possible to glue the wallpaper of a different color, it is the textiles that will help to update the interior, making it almost unrecognizable. And again, we advise you to decide on the color palette, choose shades that mix well with each other, and only then go to the store.

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

Textiles really work wonders, with its help, for example, it is easy to mask defects. Take a look at the interior above: here two carpets were laid down at once and the floor was practically invisible, and maybe it was already pretty rubbed. The same can be said about the bed: perhaps this is just an old shabby sofa, but it is so nicely decorated that I want to live in this room right now.

For rented apartments, textiles become a real lifesaver, because when moving it will not be difficult to take curtains, covers for pillows and bedspreads with you.

6. Add lighting

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

The only chandelier in the center of the room will not add coziness, but the zonal lighting can transform the room right before our eyes. Buy floor lamps, lamps, candles with beautiful candlesticks or even garlands – they look beautiful not only on New Year’s Eve. Light can be used to create accents, for example, you can highlight a picture or any other wall composition.

7. Add plants and flowers

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

Fresh flowers and plants in pots will enliven any interior. You can be inspired by the urbanjungleblog blog, and then, without delay, study here and here the list of unpretentious plants and feel free to go to the store. Do not forget that the planter should correspond to a single color scheme: unsuccessful pots can greatly spoil the interior.

8. Add decor

How to Transform Your Apartment Effectively and Inexpensively in 8 Steps

So we got to the last stage of our transformation. The decor will help reflect the interests of the owners, give the interior uniqueness, and simply make it more comfortable. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. Of course, all kinds of posters, drawings, paintings, photographs are ideally suited for this. And if you insert them into the frames, you can not only hang it on the wall, but also install it directly on the floor, on the cabinets or chests of drawers. In the same way with books: you can collect whole piles and use them as supports for small decor or small things.

Interesting trinkets for the house can be found anywhere, and sometimes literally for a penny: try to go to the flea market and find your treasure there. Buy beautiful dishes and use them regularly, and not just on holidays. You can also do beautiful things with your own hands, for example, craft a candlestick from an ordinary glass bottle, buy dried flowers and insert them into a small family vase.

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