10 Fashion Popular Winter Looks that are Hopelessly Outdated

There are people who find it difficult to part with their once beloved fashion trends, so every winter on girls you can see leather leggings, short skirts in tandem with golf and down-padded dresses. These and other things that you will learn about from the article, it’s time to put them on the farthest shelf to look stylish and modern in 2019.

Happy Worthy Life collected popular, but battered winter looks, which it’s time to abandon.

1. Down jacket-dress

Already not the first year down jackets with a lush hem are popular. Their main minus: manufacturers often make such products very thin so that they look more elegant, because of which the thermal insulation properties are significantly affected. And under this option of winter clothes it is more difficult to pick up everyday things. It is better to make a choice in favor of a straight-cut down jacket with minimal decor elements.

2. Dresses made of fine knitwear

Tight-fitting knitted dresses quickly lose their appearance, and you still need to think about the outlines of underwear and seams from tights. Designers in 2019 offer to wear loose-fitting sweaters with tight midi-length skirts. And the most daring, but fashionable option is a voluminous sweater and a silver pencil skirt.

3. Knee-highs and a short skirt

Perhaps this trend is one of the most hackneyed. Girls do not want to part with short skirts in the cold season and try to “warm” the image with golf, putting them on thin nylon tights. Usually this combination is still complemented by an “auto-fur coat”: girls naively try to “smooth out” a completely non-winter image with fur. Such an outdated and impractical duet can be replaced with warm tights and a skirt of the actual midi length.

4. Hat with decorative elements

In stores, you can easily find hats that can spoil the whole image: with rhinestones, visors and all kinds of decor. Surprisingly, such products are popular. Also, greetings from the distant past – a fur hat in the tone of a fur coat. It is better to choose a plain hat with a simple cut.

5. Shirt under a sweater

A shirt or t-shirt under a sweater was popular many years ago, like a large necklace under a collar, but now it looks very boring. Long monochromatic large-knit sweaters are in fashion.

6. Belts over clothes

Designers in 2019 do not give up belts, but they belted outerwear: coats, fur coats and even down jackets. But to emphasize with a belt the waist over the jacket and sweatshirt – yesterday.

7. Scarf Snood

Once, snoods became an interesting substitute for familiar scarves, but over time, everyone realized their impracticality: products that fit easily, are cold and loose on the neck, and insulated options are uncomfortable. Now fashionistas prefer voluminous woolen scarves.

8. Open shoulders

Products with one or two shoulders open have become obsolete. In photographs, such an image looks very romantic, but in real life it causes a lot of inconvenience: such a wardrobe item needs to be constantly adjusted throughout the day, it is collected under outer clothing, and there is also the risk of accidentally exposing the excess.

9. Leather leggings

In the early 2000s, leather leggings appeared in the wardrobe of every fashionista and everyone began to wear them in a row. And for many years now, designers cannot kill people’s love for this vulgar element of clothing that does not warm at all in winter and certainly does not make anyone slimmer. A simple alternative is plain black jeans that go well with many things.

10. Fur coat

It is even more difficult to forget about the classic model of fur coats from natural fur than about leather leggings. But, if you want to look fashionable, you have to say goodbye to the stereotype: natural fur is an indicator of prosperity. Artificial fur coats are now at the peak of popularity, and still make its owner visually younger.

And what kind of clothing that can be seen on passers-by in the winter do not like you the most?

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