10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning

There is no universal recipe for how to look like a million. And even a million in your pocket will not help here, because looking different and dressing in expensive stores are two different things. But there are small secrets, knowing which, you can pump your sense of style and look as if you had just stepped off the cover of a fashionable gloss. Let’s see 10 fashion styles it can help you.

Happy Worthy Life summarized the advice of stylists that will help you look like a million, even when you are limited in means, and your wardrobe is not of luxury brands, but from a budget mass market

Fashion Styles 1. Give preference to things of noble light shades

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning

Light colors in combination with each other are responsible for the elegance in the image. Therefore, an image made up of several light noble shades, for example shades of beige, is an excellent solution if you want to look expensive and status.

Fashion Styles 2. Form a basic wardrobe

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning

Coats of a direct silhouette of the color “camel” from high-quality cashmere, a basic beige trench coat, classic blue jeans, several turtlenecks of different colors, a pencil skirt, which can be of a wide variety of colors and textures, are wardrobe items that are practically unaffected by fashion trends.

It is enough to add to these things a few current trends and stylish accessories – and it will simply not take your eyes off you.

Fashion Styles 3. Invest in quality accessories

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning
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Bags, belts, scarves, hats and other accessories can do wonders. Stylish accessories, even simple pajamas can make it look like a “couture”.

And forget about fakes – a high-quality bag from a budget or an unknown brand looks much more stylish and status than a fake bag from a famous brand made of varnished oilcloth.

Fashion Styles 4. Choose bright shoes

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning
10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning

Yellow, blue, scarlet, flesh-colored classic stilettos, bought in mass-market stores, look just as impressive as luxury brands. And such shoes immediately add +1000 points to any image.

6. Choose smooth underwear

10 Fashion Styles You Should Learning
Fashion Styles

The lace and rhinestones of the bra, which tastelessly appear under the clothes, the visible lines of panties, are perhaps one of the most serious mistakes of style. Unsuccessfully selected or poorly fitting underwear can nullify the impression of even the most impeccable image.

6. Include white in your wardrobe

Dress in white from head to toe or make it the central accent of your look. White trousers, a shirt, a coat are always gorgeous. In winter, the image, consisting of white things, looks even more luxurious.

7. Choose clothes with prints that make the look more expensive.

Classic prints passed the test of time, which allowed them to be higher than momentary fashion trends, and clothes with such patterns make an impression of expensive and status. Dear, even if it is bought in a regular mass market.

These colors include the “Prince of Wales” cage, which is strongly associated with Britain and the upper class, the print “goose foot”, a classic pea.

8. Include sportswear in your look

Modern fashion is very ironic. Do not limit yourself to the frames of one style and boldly introduce sporting elements into elegant and romantic images. At the junction of styles we get cozy, elegant and at the same time chic looks. And not deliberately chic, but natural, without the effect of the fact that you tried very hard.

9. Wear only “new” clothing and take good care of your clothes

Fashion Styles

Take care of your things so that they look “like new” for as long as possible:

  • Read the manufacturer’s labeling guidelines and follow them.
  • Frequent and intensive washing leads to wear and fading of the fabric, changing the shape of the product. For a thing to serve you for a long time, carefully wash it at the lowest temperature and wring it at minimum speed in the washing machine.
  • Reduce machine wash time to 45–30 minutes. Turn things inside out before washing.
  • Wash delicate items by hand, dry clothes and outerwear.
  • Take off the spools of clothing or ruthlessly dispose of it. As well as from worn, faded clothes and clothes with spots that can not be removed.
  • If the button comes off, it must be sewn immediately. If the button flies off, then go to a clothing repair and restore it. As well as any other accessories that are out of order.
  • Use a steamer to care for your clothes. With it, you can smooth the thing hanging in an upright position. And such decorative elements as buttons, appliqués, folds and shuttlecocks will not interfere with the care of the thing.
  • Do not save on shoe repair – change heels on time, accessories if necessary. Shoes will look well-groomed and will last you longer. Worn heels are not sexy, just replace them or change a pair of shoes.

10. Replace buttons

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One of the easiest ways to make clothes look more expensive and status – just change the buttons on it.

Replace the plastic buttons that were on the clothes at the time of sale and which give out the value of the product, with better and more effective ones. For example, metal, bone or mother of pearl. You can even choose the right buttons from your own old clothes that you no longer wear.

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